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DRILL-6275: Fixed direct memory reporting in sys.memory.

closes #1176

DRILL-6323: Lateral Join - Lateral Join Batch Memory manager support using the record batch sizer

apache drill 1.13 updates

Doc and website updates for the 1.13 release

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DRILL-6250: Sqlline start command with password appears in the sqlline.log

closes #1174

DRILL-6262: IndexOutOfBoundException in RecordBatchSize for empty variableWidthVector

closes #1175

DRILL-6381: (Part 3) Planner and Execution implementation to support Secondary Indexes

  1. Index Planning Rules and Plan generators

    - DbScanToIndexScanRule: Top level physical planning rule that drives index planning for several relational algebra patterns.

- DbScanSortRemovalRule: Physical planning rule for index planning for Sort-based operations.

    - Plan Generators: Covering, Non-Covering and Intersect physical plan generators.

    - Support planning with functional indexes such as CAST functions.

    - Enhance PlannerSettings with several configuration options for indexes.

  2. Index Selection and Statistics

    - An IndexSelector that support cost-based index selection of covering and non-covering indexes using statistics and collation properties.

    - Costing of index intersection for comparison with single-index plans.

  3. Planning and execution operators

    - Support RangePartitioning physical operator during query planning and execution.

    - Support RowKeyJoin physical operator during query planning and execution.

    - HashTable and HashJoin changes to support RowKeyJoin and Index Intersection.

    - Enhance Materializer to keep track of subscan association with a particular rowkey join.

  4. Index Planning utilities

    - Utility classes to perform RexNode analysis, including conversion to and from SchemaPath.

    - Utility class to analyze filter condition and an input collation to determine output collation.

    - Helper classes to maintain index contexts for logical and physical planning phase.

    - IndexPlanUtils utility class for various helper methods.

  5. Miscellaneous

    - Separate physical rel for DirectScan.

    - Modify LimitExchangeTranspose rule to handle SingleMergeExchange.

- MD-3880: Return correct status from RangePartitionRecordBatch setupNewSchema

Co-authored-by: Aman Sinha <asinha@maprtech.com>

Co-authored-by: chunhui-shi <cshi@maprtech.com>

Co-authored-by: Gautam Parai <gparai@maprtech.com>

Co-authored-by: Padma Penumarthy <ppenumar97@yahoo.com>

Co-authored-by: Hanumath Rao Maduri <hmaduri@maprtech.com>






















Resolve merge comflicts and compilation issues.

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DRILL-6381: (Part 4) Enhance MapR-DB plugin to support querying secondary indexes

  1. Implementation of the index descriptor for MapR-DB.

2. MapR-DB specific costing for covering and non-covering indexes.

3. Discovery componenent to discover the indexes available for a MapR-DB table including CAST functional indexes.

4. Utility functions to build a canonical index descriptor.

5. Statistics: fetch and initialize statistcs from MapR-DB for a query condition. Maintain a query-scoped cache for the statistics. Utility functions to compute selectivity.

6. Range Partitioning: partitioning function that takes into account the tablet map to find out where a particular rowkey belongs.

7. Restricted Scan: support doing restricted (i.e skip) scan through lookups on the rowkey. Added a group-scan and record reader for this.

8. MD-3726: Simple Order by queries (without limit) when an index is used are showing regression.

9. MD-3995: Do not pushdown limit 0 past project with CONVERT_FROMJSON

10. MD-4259 : Account for limit during hashcode computation

Co-authored-by: Aman Sinha <asinha@maprtech.com>

Co-authored-by: chunhui-shi <cshi@maprtech.com>

Co-authored-by: Gautam Parai <gparai@maprtech.com>

Co-authored-by: Padma Penumarthy <ppenumar97@yahoo.com>

Co-authored-by: Hanumath Rao Maduri <hmaduri@maprtech.com>








Fix additional compilation issues.

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DRILL-6231: Fix memory allocation for repeated list vector

closes #1171

DRILL-6249: Adding more unit testing documentation.

close apache/drill#1251

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DRILL-6323: Lateral Join - Refactor BatchMemorySize to put outputBatchSize in abstract class. Created a new JoinBatchMemoryManager to be shared across join record batches. Changed merge join to use AbstractBinaryRecordBatch instead of AbstractRecordBatch, and use JoinBatchMemoryManager

DRILL-6243: Added alert box to confirm shutdown of drillbit after clicking shutdown button

closes #1169

Update version to 1.14.0-SNAPSHOT

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DRILL-6241: Saffron properties config has the excessive permissions

changed saffron.properties permission to 640

closes #1167

DRILL-6016: Fix for Error reading INT96 created by Apache Spark

closes #1166

fix release from 1.13 to 1.14 for hash join spill support

doc updates for Drill 1.13

DRILL-6239: Add build and license badges to README.md

closes #1165

DRILL-6234: Improved documentation for VariableWidthVector mutators, and added simple unit tests demonstrating mutator behavior.

close apache/drill#1164

DRILL-6323: Lateral Join - Add some debug logs for LateralJoinBatch

DRILL-6237: Upgrade checkstyle version to 5.9 or above

closes #1163

DRILL-6053: Avoid excessive locking in LocalPersistentStore

closes #1163

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DRILL-6259: Support parquet filter push down for complex types

close apache/drill#1173

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DRILL-6005: Fixed TestGracefulShutdown tests to skip check for loopback address usage in distributed mode

closes #1162

DRILL-6230: Extend row set readers to handle hyper vectors

closes #1161

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DRILL-6323: Lateral Join - Remove codegen and operator template class. Logic to copy data is moved to LateralJoinBatch itself

DRILL-6145: Implement Hive MapR-DB JSON handler

closes #1158

DRILL-4547: Disabling doclint.

DRILL-6216: Metadata mismatch when connecting to a Drill 1.12.0 with a Drill-1.13.0-SNAPSHOT driver

closes #1157