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DRILL-7081: Upgrade GlassFish Jersey and Javax Servlet dependecies versions - Update dependencies versions - Exclude dependency from jdbc-all - Removal redundant "bcpkix-jdk15on" exclusion - Proper exclusion of "jackson-dataformat-hocon" dependency - Removal redundant "excludeSubprojects" config property for Maven Rat Plugin

closes #1682

DRILL-7073: CREATE SCHEMA command / TupleSchema / ColumnMetadata improvements

1. Add format, default, column properties logic.

2. Changed schema JSON after serialization.

3. Added appropriate unit tests.

closes #1684

DRILL-7075: Fix debian package issue with control files

Add control file to generate debian package where we have deleted in #1669 PR. We need control file either in static form or dynamic form. The control file gives details about the package and conffiles used when a new version is installed then dpkg knows to ask what do you want to do with differences instead of just replacing file. According to debian packaging rules the control files are must and conffile is optional. Hence to add control file. We also need to add "<exclude>**/control</exclude>" in distribution/pom.xml file. Because without this line "mvn clean install -DskipTests -Drat.skip=false -Dlicense.skip=false" will fail.

Reference link for debian packaging: https://wiki.debian.org/Packaging/Intro?action=show&redirect=IntroDebianPackaging

Signed-off-by: Naresh Bhat <naresh.bhat@linaro.org>

closes #1679

DRILL-6707: Update target outgoing batch row count between current position and allocated size

DRILL-7054: timestamp in milliseconds closes #1665

DRILL-7060: Support JsonParser Feature 'ALLOW_BACKSLASH_ESCAPING_ANY_CHARACTER' (#1663)

DRILL-7074: Scan framework fixes and enhancements

Roll-up of fixes an enhancements that emerged from the effort to host the CSV reader on the new framework.

closes #1676

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DRILL-7051: Upgrade jetty - upgrade Jetty dependencies to 9.3 version - adaptation to the new Jetty API (SessionHandler, LoginService, AbstractLoginService) - add JavaDocs and code refactoring

closes #1681

DRILL-6846: Add CircleCI Test Summary closes #1678 - added CircleCI Test Summary - maven-surefire-plugin version udpate - license checkstyle goal is added to the TravisCI protobuf phase

DRILL-7072: Query with semi join fails for JDBC storage plugin closes #1674

DRILL-7069: Moved version checks outside loops in transformBinaryInMetadataCache closes #1667

DRILL-7063: Seperate metadata cache file into summary, file metadata

closes #1723

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DRILL-7068: Support memory adjustment framework for resource management with Queues. closes #1677

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Fix few issues with the poweredBy page

Add description to the poweredby page

Add text formatting

DRILL-7047: Drill C++ Client crash due to Dangling stack ptr to sasl_callback_t closes #1661

DRILL-7035: Drill C++ Client crashes on multiple SaslAuthenticatorImpl destruction due to communication error closes #1660

DRILL-7041: CompileException happens if a nested coalesce function returns null - Made `NullExpression`s in `IfExpression` with nested `IfExpression`s to be rewritten to typed ones recursively if necessary closes #1668

Adding powered by page with initial set of companies

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DRILL-7056: Drill fails with NPE when starting in distributed mode & 31010 port is used closes #1656

DRILL-6927: Avoid double conversion from impala timestamp when hive native parquet reader is used closes #1655

DRILL-6952: Host compliant text reader on the row set framework

The result set loader allows controlling batch sizes. The new scan framework

built on top of that framework handles projection, implicit columns, null

columns and more. This commit converts the "new" ("compliant") text reader

to use the new framework. Options select the use of the V2 ("new") or V3

(row-set based) versions. Unit tests demonstrate V3 functionality.

closes #1683

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DRILL-7052: Relative path for URL redirection

DRILL-7036: Improve UI for alert and error messages closes #1644 This PR standardizes error and alert messages to a cleaner interface by leveraging Bootstraps UX elements for publishing the messages in a presentable format. Exceptions reported back to the browser and rendered in a neat tabular format (using Panels) All errors can be redirected to errorMessage.ftl which will render it in a neat format. Alerts are replaced with modals. Interactions (pages) affected by Alert modals 1. Missing Query submission 2. profile Query Rerun 3. invalid Profile Listing Fetch 4. invalid Option Value for update 5. Missing username/password submission

The errorMessage.ftl has been moved to root dir, and unused `error.ftl` was removed

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DRILL-7200: Update Calcite to 1.19.0 / 1.20.0

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DRILL-7049 return VARBINARY as a string with escaped non printable bytes

DRILL-7045 UDF string_binary java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException

UDF string_binary was not reallocating the drillbuffer so it would fill

up and throw and out of bounds exception

edit convert_from example to show correct results

DRILL-7070: Fix deb and rpm issues on apache drill master branch

The Apache Drill failed to generate debian and rpm packages. The issues fixed as below,

-Add apache as prefix

-Remove lib folder while packaging, because lib folder does not exist.

-Add git.properties, KEYS, LICENSE, NOTICE, README.md and sample-data dir into the /opt/drill/.

-Update plugin version to 2.2.0

-Update Maven org.vafer:jdeb plugin version to 1.7

-Change the rpm name tobe generated by editing version, and name.

-Remove two files under distribution/src/deb/control/ i.e. conffiles and control.

-The `<copyright>` tag isn't supported anymore for this plugin. Hence use `<license>` and project variables content instead of `2013 ASF`.

Signed-off-by: Naresh Bhat <naresh.bhat@linaro.org>

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DRILL-6855: Do not load schema if there is an IOException

closes #1626

DRILL-5603: Replace String file paths to Hadoop Path - replaced all String path representation with org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path - added PathSerDe.Se JSON serializer - refactoring of DFSPartitionLocation code by leveraging existing listPartitionValues() functionality

closes #1657

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