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DRILL-1612: Add maven enforcer rules for maven and Java version

* Allows compilation with JDK version 1.7.x and maven [3.0.4,4) only.

+ Updated maven-enforcer-plugin to 1.3.1.

DRILL-1604: Include error info in message sent back to client

DRILL-1581: Fix overflow check in casting from varchar to int

DRILL-1675: Add method to get QueryId from DrillResultSet

DRILL-1502: Can't connect to mongo when requiring auth

DRILL-1600: Enable Java assertion in unit tests

DRILL-1676: Use previous version of dagre so that visualizer works

DRILL-1678: Add fragment and operator id to label in plan visualizer

DRILL-1674: Set schema in WriterRecordBatch

DRILL-1599: Drill FileSystemPlugin need getOptimizerRules() method to get optimizer rules from format plugin

DRILL-1601: Have a minimum allocation for variable length value vectors. Improve error messages in PartitionerTemplate and UnorderedRawBatchBuffer. Minor change in cleanup for HashJoin.

DRILL-1596: Build schema for producer-consumer

DRILL-1595: Send intermediate fragments before leaf fragments

DRILL-1582: Fix TestMetadataDDL failure

DRILL-1575: skip creating "key" field for null values in kvgen()

DRILL-1417: ensure star column is passed to scan in case non-partition columns are empty

DRILL-1435: ensure producer consumer returns the last batch indicator & prevent blocking/leaking producer & consumer threads; fix concurrency issues that drives sqlline & drillbit hanging

DRILL-1339: Use EStore to track running query status.

Move common code to ZkAbstractStore.

Get full profile from foreman directly.

code cleanup.

code change based on review comments.

ZK store check node exists before delete. Add error message in case of error.

Use a different profile for running queries, so that running query would have different ZK node from completed queries.

More log. Do not delete query state in EStore. In stead, modify the state in EStore.

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DRILL-1508: Implement pushdown for LIKE operator in HBase storage engine

DRILL-1547: enforce writers to explicitly check for buffer bounds to avoid IndexOutOfBounds errors; make writer hierarchy to stop immediately in case of a write error

DRILL-1539: fix an issue regarding populateEmpties in RepeatedMapVector

DRILL-1567 - Pushdown fails with WHERE clause with more than one AND or OR operator of same type

MD-12: Filters are not being pushed down through maprdb plugin

+ Reverted mapr-hbase back to MapR 4.0.1 release

+ Apply DRILL-1508 and DRILL-1567 to MapRDB plugin

1. https://github.com/apache/drill/commit/67df8cfa27041c9696255ee96e2d066e034f6f58

2. https://github.com/apache/drill/commit/71f5ad447823cba96cf73fb6709f8ed6cc0b63e9

DRILL-1566: C++ Client does not handle incoming record batches with zero records

DRILL-1524: Fix Hive Parquet SerDe reading issue when all columns are projected.

DRILL-1436: Remove use of UDP based cache for purposes of intermediate PlanFragment distribution


- Remove dependency on Infinispan

- Update initialize fragments to send in batches.

- Update RPC layer to capture UserRpcExceptions and propagate back.

- Send full stack trace in DrillPBError and let foreman node decide on formatting.

- Increment control rpc version

- Update systables to report current drillbit and version

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DRILL-1543: Implement partition pruning for Hive tables

DRILL-1544 : Support escape character in "like" or "similar to" SQL operator.



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Grammar fix in project description. Also fixes the hangout info to no longer indicate that they are weekly.

DRILL-1540: Provide a fallback data format in case Drill is unable to determine one

+ added "storageformat" to ignored list to avoid failure in existing cluster.