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DRILL-2385: Count on complex objects failed with missing function implementation - added MapHolder, ListHolder; - added testCountComplexObjects() unit test.

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update drill hangout info

DRILL-4729: Add support for prepared statement implementation on server side

+ Add following APIs for Drill Java client

- DrillRpcFuture<CreatePreparedStatementResp> createPreparedStatement(final String query)

- void executePreparedStatement(final PreparedStatement preparedStatement, UserResultsListener resultsListener)

- List<QueryDataBatch> executePreparedStatement(final PreparedStatement preparedStatement) (for testing purpose)

+ Separated out the interface from UserClientConnection. It makes it easy to have wrappers which need to

tap the messages and data going to the actual client.

+ Implement CREATE_PREPARED_STATEMENT and handle RunQuery with PreparedStatement

+ Test changes to support prepared statement as query type

+ Add tests in TestPreparedStatementProvider

this closes #530

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DRILL-4199: Add Support for HBase 1.X

Highlights of the changes:

* Replaced the old HBase APIs (HBaseAdmin/HTable) with the new HBase 1.1 APIs (Connection/Admin/Table).

* Added HBaseConnectionManager class which which manages the life-cycle of HBase connections inside a Drillbit process.

* Updated HBase dependencies version to 1.1.3 and 1.1.1-mapr-1602-m7-5.1.0 for default and "mapr" profiles respectively.

* Added `commons-logging` dependency in the `provided` scope to allow HBase test cluster to come up for Unit tests.

* Relaxed banned dependency rule for `commons-logging` library for `storage-hbase` module alone, in provided scope only.

* Removed the use of many deprecated APIs throughout the modules code.

* Added some missing test to HBase storage plugin's test suit.

* Move the GuavaPatcher code to main code execution path.

* Log a message if GuavaPatcher fails instead of exiting.

All unit tests are green.

Closes #443

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DRILL-4716: status.json doesn't work in drill ui

DRILL-4716: status.json doesn't work in drill ui

DRILL-2593: 500 error when crc for a query profile is out of sync

DRILL-2593: 500 error when crc for a query profile is out of sync

DRILL-4653: Malformed JSON should not stop the entire query from progressing

This closes #518

DRILL-4800: Use a buffering input stream in the Parquet reader

DRILL-4715: Fix java compilation error in run-time generated code when query has large number of expressions.

Refactor unit test in drillbit context initialization and pass in option manager.

close apache/drill#521

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DRILL-4728: Add support for new metadata fetch APIs

+ Protobuf messages

- GetCatalogsReq -> GetCatalogsResp

- GetSchemasReq -> GetSchemasResp

- GetTablesReq -> GetTablesResp

- GetColumnsReq -> GetColumnsResp

+ Java Drill client changes

+ Server side changes to handle the metadata API calls

- Provide a self contained `Runnable` implementation for each metadata API

that process the requests and sends the response to client

- In `UserWorker` override the `handle` method that takes the `ResponseSender` and

send the response from the `handle` method instead of returning it.

- Add a method for each new API to UserWorker to submit the metadata work.

- Add a method `addNewWork(Runnable runnable)` to `WorkerBee` to submit a generic

`Runnable` to `ExecutorService`.

- Move out couple of methods from `QueryContext` into a separate interface

`SchemaConfigInfoProvider` to enable instantiating Schema trees without the

full `QueryContext`

+ New protobuf messages increased the `jdbc-all.jar` size. Up the limit to 21MB.

this closes #527

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DRILL-4704: Fix incorrect query result when decimal is compared with int value

Make sure implicit cast function is provided with the correct precision value

for int/bigint input.

This version of the fix passes the unit test, but may increase the chance of

an overflow error, since the precision is not minimized, and thus it is more

likely to exceed that of the destination decimal. see DRILL-4834.

Close apache/drill#517

DRILL-4725: Improvements to InfoSchema RecordGenerator needed for DRILL-4714

1. Add support for pushing the filter on following fields into InfoSchemaRecordGenerator:



2. Pushdown LIKE with ESCAPE. Add test TestInfoSchemaFilterPushDown#testFilterPushdown_LikeWithEscape

3. Add a method visitCatalog() to InfoSchemaRecordGenerator to decide whether to explore the catalog or not

4. Refactor CATALOG_DESCRIPTION and CATALOG_CONNECT as constant strings in InfoSchemaConstants.java

5. Update TestInfoSchemaFilterPushDown#testPartialFilterPushDownWithProject as

we are now pushing the filter on COLUMN_NAME field

6. Cleanup:

Rename RecordGenerator -> InfoSchemaRecordGenerator

Add comments in RecordGenerator

Rename SelectedTable -> InfoSchemaTableType

this closes #524

Change-Id: I0b2e16d04cb72fe3ce5961f5f357a00655f1cb05

DRILL-4664: ScanBatch.isNewSchema() returns wrong result for map datatype

- creating a separate SchemaChangeCallBack for new MapVecor in MapTransferPair,

RepeatedMapTransferPair and SingleMapTransferPair .

This closes #516

DRILL-4707: Fix memory leak or incorrect query result in case two column names are case-insensitive identical.

Fix is mainly in CALCITE-528

Close apache/drill#515

add distribution operator descriptions

DRILL-4607: - Fix unittest failure. Janino cannot compile a function that uses generics; so replaced the implementation of StringFunctions.Split to not use any.

DRILL-4694: CTAS in JSON format produces extraneous NULL fields Changed behavior of JSON CTAS to skip fields if the value is null. Added an option "store.json.writer.skip_null_fields" to enable old behavior.

DRILL-4701: Fix log name and missing lines in logs on Web UI

DRILL-4701: Fix log name and missing lines in logs on Web UI

DRILL-4139: Add missing BIT support for Paruet partition pruning


removed review board tool doc

remove patch review tool doc and update contribution guidelines

DRILL-4618: Correct the usage of random flag in Hive function registry

+ Function visitor should not use previous function holder if this function is non-deterministic

closes #509

updated code contribution process for drill dev contributors

DRILL-4693: Ensure final column re-ordering is done if any select list expression is convert_fromjson.

close apache/drill#508

DRILL-4690: initial support for CORS

Added CrossOriginFilter to WebServer based on option HTTP_ENABLE_CORS

Fixed issues related to style

Restricted headers, added run of filterChain

Filter from org.eclipse.jetty.servlets

Enabled configuration, jetty version 9.1.5, restrict filtered paths

CORS by default disabled, reduced size of dependencies (reset maxsize)

This closes #507

DRILL-3510: Add ANSI_QUOTES option so that Drill's SQL Parser will recognize ANSI_SQL identifiers

- added supporing of quoting identifiers with DOUBLE_QUOTES or BRACKETS via setting new

sys/sess EnumString option QUOTING_IDENTIFIERS;

- added possibility of setting QUOTING_IDENTIFIERS by the jdbc connection URL string;

- added relevant unit tests;

close #520

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