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DRILL-6562: Plugin Management improvements

- allow export plugin configs to json or hocon file formt

- allow export plugins configs for all/enabled/disabled groups

- add modals for export plugins and create new plugin

- storage UI improvements,responsive Storage page

- StorageResources refactoring. Remove redundant deletePlugin() DELETE request

- fix broken message for deletePlugin

closes #1692

DRILL-6622: Fixed a NullPointerException in a query with Union

closes #1391

DRILL-6631: Streaming agg causes queries with Lateral and Unnest to return incorrect results.

This commit fixes issues with handling straight aggregates (no group by)

with empty batches received between EMIT(s).

closes #1399

DRILL-6606: Fixed bug in HashJoin that caused it not to return OK_NEW_SCHEMA in some cases.

closes #1384

DRILL-6624: Fix loss of the table row type when the same schema name was specified as single path and as a complex path in the same query

closes #1390

DRILL-6544: Allow timestamp / date / time formatting when displaying on Web UI

Added the following options that are setting the format pattens:

web.timestamp.display_format, web.date.display_format, web.time.display_format.

See https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/time/format/DateTimeFormatter.html for the details about acceptable values.

Default formatting is used, if the corresponding option has empty string.

edit logfile plugin doc

add logfile plugin doc

add logfile plugin doc

remove file for logfile plugins/041-logfile-plugin.md

doc edits

Add public GPG key for user boaz to KEYS

Login format doc

DRILL-6614: Allow usage of MapRDBFormatPlugin for HiveStoragePlugin

edit docs for 1.14

doc edit

add export option and phonetic functions to docs

export storage plugin and phonetic functions docs

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DRILL-6610: Add support for Minimum TLS restriction.

closes #1388

DRILL-6104: Add Log/Regex Format Plugin

closes #1114

DRILL-6612: Query fails with AssertionError when joining persistent and temporary tables

DRILL-6603: Set num_nulls for parquet statistics to -1 when actual number is not defined.

doc edits

DRILL-6618: Unnest changes for implicit column Unnest changes to do batch processing and produce an extra implicit column for Lateral to keep mapping between left rows and right output rows

drill on docker, kafka pushdown support

add drill on docker doc and kafka filter pushdown

DRILL-6453: Fix deadlock caused by reading from left and right inputs in HashJoin simultaneously.

closes #1408

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DRILL-6588: Make Sys tables of nullable datatypes

This is to address the generic problem of NULL values being projected as a string because of all datatypes being non-nullable.

This patch only applies to tables backed by the PojoReader (in our case, System tables). Added NonNullable annotations wherever application in any of the System tables, along with a unit test that verifies both nullable and non-nullable datatypes exist in the system tables.

closes #1371

DRILL-5365: Enforced DrillFileSystem immutability.

closes #1296

DRILL-6591: Show Exception for failed queries submitted in WebUI

* DRILL-6591: Show Exception for failed queries submitted in WebUI

When query fails on Web UI result page no error is shown, only "No result found."

This was because DRILL-6477 (PR #1309) switched to `WebUserConnection.await(long timeoutInMillis)` . Unlike the original `WebUserConnection.await()`, this method did not throw any UserException generated by a query failure. The fix was to use WebUserConnection.getError() method to know about failure of the query and throw UserRemoteException with that.

closes #1379