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DRILL-4065: Maintain a cache of created UserGroupInformation objects so that we don't accidentally generate thousands of FileSystem objects & threads.

DRILL-3791: MySQL tests for JDBC plugin

This commit adds integration tests for the JDBC plugin with MySQL. It

also refactors the existing Derby tests to have the same general pattern

as the MySQL tests: data is defined in an external .sql file and maven

is used to start/stop external resources for testing.

Add tests for ENUM and YEAR types.

Tests for the CLOB type with Derby.

This closes #251

DRILL-3987: (CLEANUP) Final cleanups to get complete working build/distribution

- small cleanups

- move Hook to drill-adbc

- update distribution assembly to include new modules

This closes #250

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DRILL-3987: (MOVE) Move logical expressions and operators out of common. Move to new drill-logical model.

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DRILL-3987: (REFACTOR) Remove any parent Drill dependencies for drill-memory-base.

DRILL-3987: (CLEANUP) Delete unused files

DRILL-3987: (REFACTOR) Extract BoundsChecking check from AssertionUtil. Remove unused file.

DRILL-3987: (MOVE) Extract RPC, memory-base and memory-impl as separate modules.

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DRILL-3987: (REFACTOR) Working TPCH unit tests

- Rename DecimalUtility.integerSize to INTEGER_SIZE as is constant

- Refactor BufferManager from BufferManagerImpl

DRILL-3987: (REFACTOR) Common and Vector modules building.

- Extract Accountor interface from Implementation

- Separate FMPP modules to separate out Vector Needs versus external needs

- Separate out Vector classes from those that are VectorAccessible.

- Cleanup Memory Exception hiearchy

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DRILL-3987: (MOVE) Extract key vector, field reader, complex/field writer classes.

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DRILL-4048: Fix reading required dictionary encoded varbinary data in parquet files after recent update

Fix was small, this update is a little larger than necessary because I was hoping to create

a unit test by modifying the one I had added in the earlier patch with the version upgrade.

Unfortunately we don't have a good way to generate Parquet files with required columns from

unit tests right now. So I just added a smaller subset of the binary file that was posted on

the JIRA issue. The refactoring of the earlier test was still useful for readability,

so I kept it in.

Add synchronization to DrillBuf.retain() to avoid contention issues.

Add assertion around QueryDataBatch release to ensure that we're not releasing the buffers twice.

DRILL-4049: Terminate StatusThread when Workmanager is closed.

Avoid excessive growth in threads with long-lived test JVMs.

DRILL-4046: Upgrade Joda to later version (avoid contention issues)

Added other meetup groups

Applying DRILL-4020 (The not-equal operator returns incorrect results when used on the HBase row key)

Applying DRILL-3621 (Wrong results when Drill on HBase query contains rowkey "or" or "IN") to MapRDB plugin

Already in json_support branch, exclude while merging.

remove empty array stuff and launchctl

DRILL-4041 & DRILL-4057: Disable RPC thread offload until concurrency bug is found.

DRILL-4085: Disable RPC thread offload until concurrency bug is found.

DRILL-4042: Unable to run sqlline in embedded mode on Windows

Use newer version of hadoop-winutils

MD-524: Drill API change broke the MapRDB Plugin

DRILL-4040: Build failure on master

This closes #244

DRILL-4032: Check if a new vector was created to determine if allocation is necessary in MapWriter closes #241

DRILL-4031: Log warning and ignore columns returned from JDBC source that are unsupported.

This closes #240

DRILL-4020: The not-equal operator returns incorrect results when used on the HBase row key

- Added a condition that checks if the filter to the scan specification doesn't have NOT_EQUAL operator

- Added testFilterPushDownRowKeyNotEqual() to TestHBaseFilterPushDown

This closes #309

DRILL-3171: handle concurrent Zookeeper node creation gracefully

DRILL-3765: Move partitioning pruning to HepPlanner to avoid the performance overhead for redundant rule execution.

Add fall back option in planner.

close apache/drill#255