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DRILL-3108: Replace templated returns with covariant return overrides

DRILL-3102: The doc link on Drill Web UI points to the old wiki page

DRILL-3107: Dynamic partition pruning fails on Windows (TestDirectoryExplorerUDFs)

Improved home page text and blog spacing

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DRILL-3100: TestImpersonationDisabledWithMiniDFS fails on Windows

When interrupt terminating RPC bus waitForSendComplete, make sure to release buffers.

DRILL-3099: FileSelection's selectionRoot does not include the scheme and authority

Fix PartitionSenderRootExec possible memory leak.

DRILL-3098: Set Unix style "line.separator" for tests

DRILL-3052, DRILL-3066: Improve fragment state management in face of early cancellation.

Update configuration defaults. Rename bounds system property to drill.enable_unsafe_memory_access.

update spotfire server doc with captures

DRILL-3093: Close raw batch buffers in data collectors

DRILL-3092: Fix memory leak risk near uses of RecordBatchData classes that need to have their resources freed upon an allocation or other runtime failure.

spotfire server doc

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DRILL-3089: Revert to 2 forked test and allow override from command line

DRILL-3063: TestQueriesOnLargeFile leaks memory with 16M limit Changed the cleanup handling at the end of ImplCreator.getExec(), and handle the newly returned null value in FragmentExecutor.run().

DRILL-3088: Kill and cleanup remaing batches in left upstream in NestedLoopJoin

DRILL-3159: Part 2--Core: Make JDBC throttling threshold configurable.

Added configuration/option "drill.jdbc.batch_queue_throttling_threshold".

Applied "drill.jdbc.batch_queue_throttling_threshold" to DrillResultSetImpl.

Jason's review

decimal data type disabled

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Update sys.options table to only show options available via ALTER SYSTEM or ALTER SESSION. Move BOOT options to sys.boot table.

remove old Drill refs, finish config options

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DRILL-3081: Populate connection name as late as possible so RPC error messages are reported correctly.

In the case of extended RPC message handling, write warning to log

Add convenience drill-* executables for sqlline. Rename drill_dumpcat to dumpcat

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Update Drill to use latest sqlline

DRILL-2875: Show record number relative to beginning of file in JsonRecordReader

DRILL-3072: Update root fragment to not to modify the Foreman state directly.

Instead use RPC mechanism to send and receive status updates

DRILL-3080: Fix queue failure messages.