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WIP on footer. Cannot get it to be sticky at the moment. needs more work.

Adding mobile viewport and increasing body font size on smaller width

Removing categories bar and placing responsive categories button near logo. Fixing up margins to look nicer at all widths

minor edit

more edits TDC file

MD-123 edit 2

MD-123 edit

minor edit

docs file

missed refactoring and DRILL-994

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Parquet blog post

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DRILL-2150: Create an abstraction for repeated value vectors.

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Blog post update

Drill 0.9 blog post

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convert_to/from per Jacques

blog to tutorial

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DRILL-2958: Move Drill to alternative cost-based planner for join planning.

1. Add a new RelMdDistinctRowCount MetaDataProvider.

2. Resolve issue related to RelMetadataProvider, when querying view (Since view expander will create a different RelOptCluster).

3. Catch CanNotPlanException in Physical Planning as well, since we allow DrillJoinRel to be Cartesian Join, which then pass into LOPT planner.

4. Return none-infinite cost for Cartesian DrillJoinRel.

5. Ruleset change. Only use Join permutation (PushJoinPastThroughJoin) rule in the existing planner. LOPT planner will not them.

Code clean up.

final multitenant review copy

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review copy changes

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finish review copy

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DRILL-2433: Add support for implicit casting between date and timestamp in join condition

minor edit

minor edit

reformat writer notes

multitenancy NR's outline

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DRILL-2757: Verify operators correctly handle low memory conditions and cancellations


DRILL-2816: system error does not display the original Exception message

DRILL-2893: ScanBatch throws a NullPointerException instead of returning OUT_OF_MEMORY

DRILL-2894: FixedValueVectors shouldn't set it's data buffer to null when it fails to allocate it

DRILL-2895: AbstractRecordBatch.buildSchema() should properly handle OUT_OF_MEMORY outcome

DRILL-2905: RootExec implementations should properly handle IterOutcome.OUT_OF_MEMORY

DRILL-2920: properly handle OutOfMemoryException

DRILL-2947: AllocationHelper.allocateNew() doesn't have a consistent behavior when it can't allocate


- added UserException.memoryError() with a pre assigned error message

- injection site in ScanBatch and unit test that runs various tpch queries and injects

an exception in the ScanBatch that will cause an OUT_OF_MEMORY outcome to be sent

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