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DRILL-6900: maven-release-plugin failure on the release:perform stage

- downgrade maven-javadoc-plugin version

- update some Drill maven plugins versions and move them to pluginManagement block

- bump up lowest maven version supported by Drill in correspondence to org.apache.maven dependencies

closes #1574

DRILL-6901: Move schema builder to src/main

Moves the SchemaBuilder class out of the src/test name space into the src/main namespace. Specifically, into the existing record.metadata package.

Many files changed in this move. Corrected two minor issues: import of the wrong Arrays class and unnecessary annotations.

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nav pane edit due to removal of AOL data set page


drill 1.15 doc updates

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DRILL-6895: Warnings for license headers checks and wrong license headers in some files

- update license-maven-plugin plugin custom mappings

- update files licenses headers

- update from "/usr/bin/env bash" to "/bin/bash" shebang line in shell script files

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update doc

doc edits

edits per DRILL-6790

edit sys tables doc

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updates to drill doc for 115

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DRILL-6888: Move nested classes outside HashAggTemplate to allow for plain java compile option closes #1569

Replace git-wip-us reference with gitbox

DRILL-6886: Cancel Query Button for running queries

The Freemarker template missed a check for a query's Running state to display the [Cancel] button.

The fix is trivial and only needs the check.

doc updates for 1.15

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DRILL-6889: Exclude Drill unit tests to avoid Travis timing out

closes #1567

DRILL-6887: Fix FunctionInitializerTest.init() failure

close apache/drill#1566

DRILL-6874: Close input stream after AsyncPageReaderTask is completed

close apache/drill#1565

DRILL-6883: Force reload of options after resetting parameter

If an update is initiated, the webpage loaded changes. Attempting a reset tries to reload this page, but it does not show the updated values from the back end.

This patch forces the reload of updated values by redirecting to /options page

Use AJAX call for Update and Reset

Eliminates the need for window.location=<redirectURL>

is Number check

Added comments to explain extraction

close apache/drill#1563

Add Vitalii's GPG key

DRILL-6878: Use DrillPushRowKeyJoinToScan rule on DrillJoin pattern to account for DrillSemiJoin

closes #1568

edit cross join doc updates

update docs cross join support

DRILL-6877: NPE when starting Drillbit

closes #1560

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DRILL-6964: Implement CREATE / DROP SCHEMA commands

Note: this PR only adds support for CREATE / DROP SCHEMA commands which allow to store and delete schema. Schema usage during querying the data will be covered in other PRs.

1. Added parser methods / handles to parse CREATE / DROP schema commands.

2. Added SchemaProviders classes to separate ways of schema provision (file, table function).

3. Added schema parsing using ANTLR4 (lexer, parser, visitors).

4. Added appropriate unit tests.

close apache/drill#1615

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DRILL-6863: Drop table is not working if path within workspace starts with "/"

- Made workspace to be honored when table/view name starts with "/" for DROP TABLE, DROP VIEW, CREATE VIEW and SELECT from view queries;

- Made "/{name}" and "{name}" to be equivalent names (the leading "/" is removed) when creating temporary tables so that SELECT ... FROM "/{name}" ... and SELECT ... FROM "{name}" ... produce the same results and behave as regular tables in the context.

closes #1557

DRILL-6864: Upgrade the git-commit-id plugin to 2.2.5

DRILL-6867: WebUI Query editor cursor position

closes #1551

DRILL-6865: Filter is not removed from the plan when parquet table fully matches the filter

closes #1552

DRILL-6866: Upgrade to SqlLine 1.6.0

1. Changed SqlLine version to 1.6.0.

2. Overridden new getVersion method in DrillSqlLineApplication.

3. Set maxColumnWidth to 80 to avoid issue described in DRILL-6769.

4. Changed colorScheme to obsidian.

5. Output null value for varchar / char / boolean types as null instead of empty string.

6. Changed access modifier from package default to public for JDBC classes that implement external interfaces to avoid issues when calling methods from these classes using reflection.

closes #1556