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DRILL-4654: Add new metrics to the MetricRegistry

+ New metrics:

- drill.queries.enqueued

number of queries that have been submitted to the drillbit but have

not started

- drill.queries.running

number of running queries for which this drillbit is the foreman

- drill.queries.completed

number of completed queries (or cancelled or failed) for which this

drillbit was the foreman

- drill.fragments.running

number of query fragments that are running in the drillbit

- drill.allocator.root.used

amount of memory used in bytes by the internal memory allocator

- drill.allocator.root.peak

peak amount of memory used in bytes by the internal memory allocator

- fd.usage

ratio of used to total file descriptors (on *nix systems)

+ Rename "current" to "used" for RPC allocator current memory usage to

follow convention

+ Borrow SystemPropertyUtil class from Netty

+ Configure DrillMetrics through system properties

+ Remove unused methods and imports

closes #495

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DRILL-4673: Implement "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS" for drill to prevent FAILED status on command return - implement DROP TABLE IF EXISTS and DROP VIEW IF EXISTS; - added unit test for DROP TABLE IF EXISTS; - added unit test for DROP VIEW IF EXISTS; - added unit test for "IF" hive UDF.

This closes #541

doc edits

DRILL-4657: Rank() will return wrong results if a frame of data is too big (more than 2 batches)

this closes #499

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DRILL-4652: Drill native client - fix compile issue when the latest git commit description has a period or quotation mark in it

This closes #494

Updated instructions for Linux build of the Drill Native Client

1. CMake 3.0 is required, rather than CMake 2.8

2. Added some info that is helpful for the case where you build Boost the hard way.

This closes #492

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DRILL-4647: C++ client fails to propagate a dead connection error to the application. This closes #493

DRILL-3149: TextReader should support multibyte line delimiters

DRILL-4623: Disable epoll transport by default

closes #486

DRILL-3474: Add implicit file columns support

DRILL-3474: Add implicit file columns support

DRILL-4607: Add a split function that allows to separate string by a delimiter

This closes #506

Updates for Drill-4564

DRILL-4604: Generate warning on Web UI if drillbits version mismatch is detected

close apache/drill#482

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update to drill ports page

ports update

ports used by drill update


change ports doc

Update Drill ports doc - DRILL-4570

Update doc for DRILL-4563

add back ticks to show entire path <drill_home>/conf/logback.xml.

Change /etc/host path for Windows - DRILL-4440

update to add querying avro files

Update Avro description to state that it's experimental and add new querying avro page

DRILL-4584: JDBC/ODBC Client IP in Drill audit logs - the format of added field in log files is "remoteAddress":""

This closes #475

new bi tool doc

new bi doc: drill with webfocus

DRILL-4593: Remove OldAssignmentCreator in FileSystemPlugin

+ Remove dead code in ParquetGroupScan

this closes #473

DRILL-4592: Explain plan statement should show plan in WebUI