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DRILL-3987: (REFACTOR) Remove any parent Drill dependencies for drill-memory-base.

DRILL-3987: (CLEANUP) Delete unused files

DRILL-3987: (REFACTOR) Extract BoundsChecking check from AssertionUtil. Remove unused file.

DRILL-3987: (MOVE) Extract RPC, memory-base and memory-impl as separate modules.

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DRILL-3987: (REFACTOR) Working TPCH unit tests

- Rename DecimalUtility.integerSize to INTEGER_SIZE as is constant

- Refactor BufferManager from BufferManagerImpl

DRILL-3987: (REFACTOR) Common and Vector modules building.

- Extract Accountor interface from Implementation

- Separate FMPP modules to separate out Vector Needs versus external needs

- Separate out Vector classes from those that are VectorAccessible.

- Cleanup Memory Exception hiearchy

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DRILL-3987: (MOVE) Extract key vector, field reader, complex/field writer classes.

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DRILL-4048: Fix reading required dictionary encoded varbinary data in parquet files after recent update

Fix was small, this update is a little larger than necessary because I was hoping to create

a unit test by modifying the one I had added in the earlier patch with the version upgrade.

Unfortunately we don't have a good way to generate Parquet files with required columns from

unit tests right now. So I just added a smaller subset of the binary file that was posted on

the JIRA issue. The refactoring of the earlier test was still useful for readability,

so I kept it in.

Add synchronization to DrillBuf.retain() to avoid contention issues.

Add assertion around QueryDataBatch release to ensure that we're not releasing the buffers twice.

DRILL-4049: Terminate StatusThread when Workmanager is closed.

Avoid excessive growth in threads with long-lived test JVMs.

DRILL-4046: Upgrade Joda to later version (avoid contention issues)

Added other meetup groups

Applying DRILL-4020 (The not-equal operator returns incorrect results when used on the HBase row key)

Applying DRILL-3621 (Wrong results when Drill on HBase query contains rowkey "or" or "IN") to MapRDB plugin

Already in json_support branch, exclude while merging.

remove empty array stuff and launchctl

DRILL-4041 & DRILL-4057: Disable RPC thread offload until concurrency bug is found.

DRILL-4085: Disable RPC thread offload until concurrency bug is found.

DRILL-4042: Unable to run sqlline in embedded mode on Windows

Use newer version of hadoop-winutils

MD-524: Drill API change broke the MapRDB Plugin

DRILL-4040: Build failure on master

This closes #244

DRILL-4032: Check if a new vector was created to determine if allocation is necessary in MapWriter closes #241

DRILL-4031: Log warning and ignore columns returned from JDBC source that are unsupported.

This closes #240

DRILL-4020: The not-equal operator returns incorrect results when used on the HBase row key

- Added a condition that checks if the filter to the scan specification doesn't have NOT_EQUAL operator

- Added testFilterPushDownRowKeyNotEqual() to TestHBaseFilterPushDown

This closes #309

DRILL-3171: handle concurrent Zookeeper node creation gracefully

DRILL-3765: Move partitioning pruning to HepPlanner to avoid the performance overhead for redundant rule execution.

Add fall back option in planner.

close apache/drill#255

DRILL-3423: Adding HTTPd Log Parsing functionality including full pushdown, type remapping and wildcard support. Pushed through the requested columns for push down to the parser. Added more tests to cover a few more use cases. Ensured that user query fields are now completely consistent with returned values.

DRILL-951: Add support for csv header row parsing

This closes #232

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minor typo fix

DRILL-4025: Create FileSelection object with the appropriate file statuses