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DRILL-4523: Disallow using loopback address in distributed mode

closes #445

DRILL-4531: Add a Drill customized rule for pushing filter past aggregate

DRILL-3623: For limit 0 queries, optionally use a shorter execution path when result column types are known

+ "planner.enable_limit0_optimization" option is disabled by default

+ Print plan in PlanTestBase if TEST_QUERY_PRINTING_SILENT is set

+ Fix DrillTestWrapper to verify expected and actual schema

+ Correct the schema of results in TestInbuiltHiveUDFs#testXpath_Double

This closes #405

remove support jdk 1.8

remove jdk 1.8 support

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DRILL-6574: Add option to push LIMIT(0) on top of SCAN (late limit 0 optimization)

DRILL-4525: Allow SqlBetweenOperator to accept LOWER_OPERAND and UPPER_OPERAND with different types

update per DRILL-4515

update per DRILL-4515

Bump calcite version to 1.4.0-drill-r11

update release notes to include DRILL-4287 as resolved bug

1.6 download link update

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1.6 download link updates

DRILL-4514: Add describe schema <schema_name> command

close apache/drill#436.

updated docs.json

1.6 release updates

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DRILL-4317: Exceptions on SELECT and CTAS with large CSV files

this closes #432

MD-813: Improve count(*) queries against MapR-DB Json tables.

+ Fail query on schema change.

+ Added a configuration option 'ignoreSchemaChange', which when enabled, drops the rows from the result


1.6 edits

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Updates for 1.6

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updated docs.json

Sudheesh's inbound impersonation feature doc: DRILL-4281

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DRILL-4237, DRILL-4478: Implement hash to use murmur3 and add correspondent unit tests

+ Avoid object or extra buffer creation

+ Clean up tests

closes #485

DRILL-4372: (continued) Support for Window functions: - CUME_DIST - DENSE_RANK - PERCENT_RANK - RANK - ROW_NUMBER - NTILE - LEAD - LAG - FIRST_VALUE - LAST_VALUE

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DRILL-4050: Add zip archives to the list of artifacts in verify_release.sh

This enhanced version of the script allows integrated download and verification of a Drill release. It can be used to verify both the main release artifacts and maven repository artifacts.

For example, to verify the 1.6 rc0 release artifacts, I ran

./verify_release.sh https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/orgapachedrill-1030/ /tmp/drill-1.6/maven/

./verify_release.sh http://home.apache.org/~parthc/drill/releases/1.6.0/rc0/ /tmp/drill-1.6/main/

If I had pre-downloaded the files in the respective folders, I'd run

./verify_release.sh /tmp/drill-1.6/maven/

./verify_release.sh /tmp/drill-1.6/main/

Finally, run with `-nv` option to reduce the verbosity of the output.

Closes #249.

Added Parth's GPG Key

DRILL-4501: Complete MapOrListWriter for all supported data types

Closes #427

MD-789: Query with condition involving addition of DATE and INTERVAL types returns no results [MapR-DB JSON Tables]

+ Added `enablePushdown` option to enable/disable all filter pushdown, enabled by default.

Updated plugin version to 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT