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Support for `_id` only projection.

DRILL-3745: Hive CHAR not supported

DRILL-4392: Fix CTAS partition to remove one unnecessary internal field in generated parquet files.

DRILL-4410: ListVector should initialize bits in allocateNew

Remove large arrays.json files and generate it in /tmp, Check test results

Add another unit test for ListVector in TestValueVector, and use tempDir in TestComplexTypeReader

Closes #380

MD-719: Fix creating QueryConditions for JsonSubScanSpec

updated version.json

update for 1.5

1.5 release notes post

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DRILL-4390: Uses Resource where Drill favicon is located for static assets

Drill Webserver uses the first jar containing a rest/static directory to

find its static assets. In case of another jar containing this directory, it

might cause the webserver to return 404 errors.

This configures the server to use the resource containing the Drill favicon

as the place to look for all static resources.

this closes #378

edits to 1.5 blog - update authors

name edits

edit to names in 1.5 blog

adding 1.5 blog post to drill site

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DRILL-4275: create TransientStore for short-lived objects; refactor PersistentStore to introduce pagination mechanism

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DRILL-4313: C++ Client - Thread safe Logging. Improved Drill bit selection. - Update random drill bit selection. Shuffle the list initially, then round robin. Add Utility methods to get random numbers and to shuffle and add vectors. Whitespace cleanup - Add Git properties to build and print to log. - Add interface to get error based on query handle. - Add support for Pooled connections. Allows switching between pooled and unpooled connections based on environment variables

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DRILL-4387: GroupScan or ScanBatchCreator should not use star column in case of skipAll query.

The skipAll query should be handled in RecordReader.

DRILL-4383: Allow custom configurations to be specified for a FileSystem plugin

add an example s3 plugin, disabled by default

Closes #375

DRILL-3688: Drill should honor "skip.header.line.count" and "skip.footer.line.count" attribute of Hive table

1. Functionality to skip header and footer lines while reading Hive data.

2. Unit tests.

DRILL-4445: Standardize the Physical and Logical plan nodes to use Lists instead of arrays for their inputs

Remove some extra translation logic used to move between the

two representations.

TODO - look back the the Join logical node, has two JsonCreator annotations,

but only one will be used. Not sure if the behavior of which is chosen

is considered documented behavior, should just fix it on our end.

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Fix the private-drill-mapr-plugin build.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.5.0

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DRILL-4184: Support variable length decimal fields in parquet

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edit per MD-679 to modify logback.xml

Web console doc updates for 1.5 and minor edits

DRILL-4364: Image Metadata Format Plugin - Initial commit of Image Metadata Format Plugin - See https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DRILL-4364

This closes #367

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Updates/edits for Drill 1.5

DRILL-4362: Exclude log4j for hbase dependency under mapr profile

This closes #366

DRILL-4361: Let FileSystemPlugin FormatCreator class be overridable by subclasses

Allow for FileSystemPlugin subclasses to customize FormatPlugin by injecting

their own version of FormatCreator.

This closes #365.

DRILL-4359: Adds equals/hashCode methods to EndpointAffinity

Adds equals/hashCode methods to EndpointAffinity to allow for comparison in


This closes #363.

DRILL-4358: Fix NPE in UserServer.close()

- Also remove untested CustomSerDe's from CustomTunnel.

- Fix GuavaPatcher copy-paste comment mistake.

closes #362