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add global query list doc

Add Global Query List doc

DRILL-6559: Travis timing out

* Excluding contrib module tests and all exec TPCH unit tests for travis full build.

* Introducing new TRAVIS profile

* Travis build is faster for 4-5 mins

closes #1364

DRILL-6537: Limit the batch size for buffering operators based on how much memory they get

closes #1342

DRILL-6516: Fix memory leak issue with Sort and StreamingAgg together

DRILL-6570: Fixed IndexOutofBoundException in Parquet Reader

DRILL-6560: Enhanced the batch statistics logging enablement

closes #1355

typo edits for decimal storage format

DRILL-6561: Lateral excluding the columns from output container provided by projection push into rules

This closes #1356

DRILL-6475: Unnest: Null fieldId Pointer.

closes #1381

DRILL-6557: Use size in bytes during Hive statistics calculation if present

1. Check size in bytes presence in stats before fetching input splits and use it if present.

2. Add log trace suggesting to use ANALYZE command before running queries if statistics is unavailable and Drill had to fetch all input splits.

3. Minor refactoring / cleanup in HiveMetadataProvider class.

closes #1357

DRILL-6548: IllegalStateException: Unexpected EMIT outcome received in buildSchema phase

closes #1352

DRILL-6498: Support for EMIT outcome in ExternalSortBatch

* DRILL-6498: Support for EMIT outcome in ExternalSortBatch

* Updated TestTopNEmitOutcome to use RowSetComparison for comparing expected and actual output batches produced

closes #1323

DRILL-6553: Fix TopN for unnest operator

closes #1353

DRILL-6549: batch sizing for nested loop join

closes #1363

DRILL-6531 doc edit

DRILL-6589: Push transitive closure predicate(s) past aggregates

closes #1372

drill 1.14 doc updates

DRILL-6554: Minor code improvements in parquet statistics handling

closes #1349

DRILL-6503: Performance improvements in lateral

closes #1328

doc for drill 1.14

DRILL-6310: limit batch size for hash aggregate

closes #1324

DRILL-6515: Render a link between the Unnest operator and it's source

* DRILL-6515: Render a link between the Unnest operator and it's source

1. Unnest operator is expected to specify srcOp=##-## to help identify the source of its input.

2. Implicit Source Map is leveraged to capture implicit data flow pipelines between Unnest and Lateral. (Can be expanded to other operators too).

3. In addition, code refactored for more readability.

* Minor comment updates

* Minor Update

Converted implicitSrc to a local variable

closes #1327

DRILL-6530: JVM crash with a query involving multiple json files with one file having a schema change of one column from string to list

This closes #1343

DRILL-6541: Upgrade ZooKeeper patch version to 3.4.11 for mapr profile

closes #1398

DRILL-6534: Upgrade ZooKeeper patch version to 3.4.12 and add Apache Curator to dependencyManagement

closes #1337

DRILL-6539: Record count not set for this vector container error

closes #1340

DRILL-6512: Remove unnecessary processing overhead from RecordBatchSizer

closes #1341

drill 1.14 doc edits

doc edits for drill 1.14

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