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DRILL-2503: AsmUtil ClassTransformer MergeAdapter - add option to pass through ClassReader.EXPAND_FRAMES to satisfy complaint from ASM - rationalize AsmUtils methods' argument lists

TestBugFixes (in ...drill.jdbc.test)

- created this to hold random bug fix tests

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DRILL-2458: Ensure no unwanted columns are added to CTAS output when * column is used in the query.

DRILL-2408: Invalid (0 length) parquet file created by CTAS

Also updated TestExampleQueries and TestUnionAll so they use different names for the created views because I kept hitting random errors.

DRILL-2499: Remove orphan test Drill2130InterpreterHamcrestConfigurationTest

DRILL-2415: Export Drill C++ Client symbols so as to provide dynamic linking

DRILL-2367: Removed partition column label in conf (gets from options)

DRILL-2193: implement fast count / skip-all semantics for JSON reader

DRILL-2514: Add support for impersonation in FileSystem storage plugin.

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DRILL-2497: Remove reference to drill-interpreter in build

DRILL-2094: Add SqlOrderBy rule for CompoundIdentifierConverter

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DRILL-2463: Implement JDBC mapping of SQL NULL for ResultSet.getXxx() methods.

- Added test Drill2463GetNullsFailedWithAssertionsBugTest.

- Implemented JDBC mapping of NULL for ResultSet.getXxx() methods:

- Fixed was-always-false isNull(...) for Nullable... SqlAccessor

implementations in SqlAccessors template.

- Handled NULL mapping for primitive types in AvaticaDrillSqlAccessor.

- Handled NULL mapping for object types in Nullable... SqlAccessor

implementations in SqlAccessors template.

- Related miscellaneous changes:

- Added "rename this" TODO. [config.fmpp]

- Added documentation. [SqlAccessor]

- Edited comment. [BoundCheckingAccessor]

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DRILL-2309: Fix reduce aggregate rule to create new aggregate calls based on input row type

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DRILL-2488: Return DEFAULT as supported encoding for MergeJoin since it does not currently handle SV2 or SV4.

DRILL-2389: Remove timestamp with time zone

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DRILL-2491: Fix use of injectable QueryDateTimeInfo in localtimestamp function

DRILL-2342: Store the nullability property of column in view persistence store.

DRILL-2731: Repeat realloc until enough space

Repeat realloc for variable length vectors as well

Merge branch 'gh-pages-master' into gh-pages

DRILL-2728: Merge spill files when number gets too large

DRILL-2758: Fix writer cleanup

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DRILL-2442: Initial implementation of C++ client support for impersonation.

DRILL-2180: Star column is enabled to work along with complex expression

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DRILL-2466: Fix "<a>.VARCHAR -> <b>.NVARCHAR" to "-> <b>.VARCHAR" (Types.h).

- Fixed mapping from TypeProtos.MinorType.VARCHAR to java.sql.Types.NVARCHAR

to be to java.sql.Types.VARCHAR.

- Also renamed getSqlType to getJdbcType, getSqlTypeName to getSqlTypeName.

DRILL-2453: Handle the case where incoming has no schema in PartitionSender.

DRILL-2311: In ProjectRecordBatch, even if a column from incoming recordbatch does not need to be classified, the output name for this column is still ensured to be unique

DRILL-2730: Use different paths for ExternalSort spills

DRILL-2467: Fix "datatype" to "datetype" for test Hive DATE column.