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DRILL-3313: Eliminate redundant #load methods and unit-test loading & exporting of vectors

fix log dir info

fix link


differentiate titles



broken links

1.1 features

DRILL-2862: Convert_to/Convert_From throw assertion when an incorrect encoding type is specified

DRILL-3319: Replaced UserException#build() method with #build(Logger) method to log from the correct class

+ Fixed docs in UserException

+ Created loggers, and changed logger visibility to private

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DRILL-3203: Add support for impersonation in Hive storage plugin

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DRILL-2851: handle oversized allocation requests; ensure flatten splits a batch if data is oversized; add unit tests

DRILL-3151: Fix many ResultSetMetaData method return values.

Added ~unit test for ResultSetMetaData implementation.

Made getObject return classes available to implementation of getColumnClassName:

- Added SqlAccessor.getObjectClass() (to put that metadata right next to code

to which it corresponds rather than in far-away parallel code).

- Added similar AvaticaDrillSqlAccessor.getObjectClass().

- Changed DrillAccessorList.accessors from Accessor[] to

AvaticaDrillSqlAccessor[] for better access to JDBC getObject return class.

- Extracted return classes from accessors to pass to updateColumnMetaData.

Reworked some data type mapping and utilities:

- Added Added Types.getSqlTypeName(...).

- Renamed Types.getJdbcType(...) to getJdbcTypeCode(...)

- Replaced Types.isUnSigned with isJdbcSignedType.

- Fixed various bogus RPC-type XXX -> java.sql.Types.SMALLINT mappings.

- Removed DrillColumnMetaDataList.getJdbcTypeName.

- Moved getAvaticaType up (for bottom-up order).

- Revised DrillColumnMetaDataList.getAvaticaType(...).


- Updated updateColumnMetaData(...) to change many calculations of metadata

input to ColumnMetaData construction. [DrillColumnMetaDataList]

Updated other metadata tests per changes.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/apache/gh-pages' into gh-pages

DRILL-3320: Do away with "rebuffing" Drill jar

DRILL-3326: When inspecting SELECT-LIST, UnsupportedOperatorsVisitor will dig into AS clause


consistent acronym def

query > select statement

new config spotfire server file

minor edits

CTAS partitioning

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DRILL-3254: Fix wrong results while using certain types of window functions that are rewritten using AvgVarianceConvertlet Added a custom Drill Convertlet to correctly reduce these aggregates.

DRILL-2997: (3) Regenerated CPP protobuf code for previous DRILL-2997 patch

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DRILL-2997: (2) re-generate proto files that was missing from earlier DRILL-2997 patch


DRILL-3316(2) : Disable unit test of tinyint, smallint and real type in DatabaseMetaDataGetColumnsTest and TestInformationSchemaColumns until DRILL-2470 is fixed.

DRILL-3305: Raise exception if we encounter unknown RexNode in DrillOptiq

DRILL-1673: Fix for error with flatten function when used with nested lists.

Added a small reference implementation of flatten for generating baselines

remove now-unneeded code in EmptyValuePopulator as we are guarenteed to have the first offset initialized to 0.

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DRILL-3298: Make a single stream as input to the Window by inserting a SingleMergeExchange if only the ORDER-BY clause is present in a Window.

Incorporate review comments. Add unit test.


broken link

proofreading corrections

DRILL-3304: improve TypeHelper error messages when UnsupportedOprationException is thrown

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    /_docs/install/050-starting-drill-in-distributed mode.md
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DRILL-2494: Have PreparedStmt. set-param. methods throw "unsupported".

Added (integration-level) unit test.

Modified set-parameter methods to throw SQLFeatureNotSupportedException.

(Intercepted common getParameter method.)

Inserted DrillPreparedStatement into hierarchy for place for documentation.

Documented that parameter-setting methods are not supported.

squash 9 commits DRILL-3078

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DRILL-3204, DRILL-3296: Upgrade Drill-Calcite to 1.1.0-drill-r8; Add test cases

DRILL-3316: Ensure different Sql handlers go through same planning phases.

DRILL-3266: Add hive-contrib dependency to Hive storage plugin

Module hive-contrib has SerDes and UDF implementations which we want them to

be available by default in Drill Hive storage plugin.

DRILL-3285: Part 3--Invert beforeFirstBatch -> ! afterFirstBatch.