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[Finish Card #27 #28] Adding ability to show current doc page in sidebar, also correct plus / minus signs are displayed. Cleaning up unused JS. Refactoring some liquid in the docs toc html. Cleaning up non working image links. Differentiating between current_section (ul) and current (current doc page opened) so we can target and style accordingly.

DRILL-2277: Fix streaming aggregate when input batch is empty

[Fix Card #24] sidebar no longer has any left right scrolling, which was due to padding an internal anchor. Moved the padding to the top level li.

minor edit

minor edit

Andries suggested text

DRILL-2089: Split JDBC implementation out of org.apache.drill.jdbc. (Combined patch.)


DRILL-2089: Part 1--Pre-move preparation and code hygiene.

Preparation for moving classes:

- Added missed "public" to JdbcApiSqlException and InvalidCursorStateSqlException.

Code hygiene:

- Fixed commented-out constructors. [AlreadyClosedSqlException]

- Fixed missed re-alignment. [DrillConnectionImpl]

- Fixed basic whitespace. [Driver]

- Fixed/augmented/added various doc. comments.

- Added @Override annotations. [MetaImpl, DrillJdbc41Factory]

- Purged an unused import. [DrillJdbc41Factory]


DRILL-2089: Part 2--Split Driver into published Driver and internal DriverImpl.

Split original Driver class into new Driver and DriverImpl classes (to remove

implementation details from JDBC's published interface (i.e., extension of

Avatica UnregisteredDriver)):

- Moved most of original Driver to new DriverImpl. (Excluded registration code.)

- Created new Driver class:

- implementing java.sql.Driver (not extending Avatica UnregisteredDriver)

- providing java.sql.Driver methods via delegation to a private DriverImpl

instance (not via extension)

- having driver registration code

- Updated internal references to Driver to DriverImpl. [DrillConnectionImpl,

DrillFactory, and DrillJdbc41Factory]

2089: MOVED static initialization up. [Driver]


DRILL-2089: Part 3--Move files. (Move _only_--no edits (e.g., package renaming).)

Moved files from exec/jdbc/src/main/java/org/apache/drill/jdbc/

to exec/jdbc/src/main/java/org/apache/drill/jdbc/impl/:

- AvaticaDrillSqlAccessor.java

- BasicList.java

- DrillAccessorList.java

- DrillColumnMetaDataList.java

- DrillConnectionImpl.java

- DrillCursor.java

- DrillDatabaseMetaData.java

- DrillFactory.java

- DrillHandler.java

- DrillJdbc40Factory.java

- DrillJdbc41Factory.java

- DrillPrepareResult.java

- DrillPreparedStatement.java

- DrillRemoteStatement.java

- DrillStatementRegistry.java

- DriverImpl.java

- GlobalServiceSetReference.java

- MetaImpl.java


DRILL-2089: Part 4--Update package names of moved classes.

Updated package names of moved classes:

- In own package declaration.

- In references in imports.

- In references in string literals. [DriverImpl]

- In ProGuard configuration for JDBC-all Jar file.

- Also added DrillConnection and DrillStatement to parallel recent addition

of DrillResultSet.


DRILL-2089: Part 5--Reduce excess visibility (remove (now-)unneeded "public").

Purged interim "public" from earlier partial DRILL-2089 fixes.

Purged other "public" qualifiers no longer needed.


DRILL-2089: Part 6--Rename DrillPreparedStatement to ...Impl. [various]


DRILL-2089: Part 7--Post-move hygiene (simplification, renaming, whitespace).

Fixed "cleanup()" to "cleanUp()". [DrillRemoteStatement,

DrillPreparedStatement, DrillStatementImpl, DrillHandler]

Renamed DrillConnection.config() to more conventional getConfig().

[DrillConnection, DrillConnectionImpl]

Removed now-unneeded "abstract" and eliminated now-unneeded subclasses.

[DrillConnectionImpl, DrillStatementImpl, DrillJdbc41Factory]

Simplified boolean Driver.load() to void. [Driver]

- Switched from "new Driver()" to "Driver.load()" in one case. [ConnectionTest]

Fixed "Optiq" -> "Drill", cleaned up createDriverVersion. [DriverImpl]

Adjusted unknown-case handling, logging. [DrillColumnMetaDataList]

Wrapped lines; adjusted other whitespace.

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MD-245: Optiq is now Calcite.

minor edits

remove query basics tutorial

DRILL-2811: Allow direct connection to drillbit from DrillClient

Merge branch 'dk-gh-pages' of https://github.com/testapachedrill/drill into gh-pages

minor edit

MD-244: Update MapRDB plugin after DRILL-2514 and DRILL-2413

DRILL-1384: Part 7 - Resolve conflicts after rebasing Drill master with view/impersonation.

DRILL-2842: Fix reading of parquet files with large file level metadata.

Add result verification of the read operation. The actual bug happened when we were trying to read the meta-data to make read assignments, but its good to have the test case around to make sure that we can read a parquet file with a lot of columns.

Jason's review

minor edits

minor edit

minor edit

minor edits

minor edits

add doc for maxdir, mindir

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Merge branch 'gh-pages' of github.com:tshiran/drill into gh-pages

Merge branch 'menu_fixes' into dk-gh-pages





[Finish Card #38] adding jquery easing slideUp and slideDown animation. Touching up margins. Adding background color for sidebar hover.

[Finish Card #33] spacing out h2 and h3 appropriately by removing call for margin 0. removing doc_toc margin left. various font space, size and lightness adjustments.

[Finish Card #32 #31] adding fixed positioning to category toc bar, after it reaches 35px, the height of the breadcrumbs. Giving it an offset of 50px to stay below the top header. Also adjusting the int_title element so there are no visual jumps. For next and prev buttons, taking out margin when no sidebar is present, and taking out width specifications seems to align appropriately. Decreasing font size as it looks better for long titles.

Changing out download button to fa icon so there are no background positioning css that mess with positiong and alignment in strange ways. There were cases where the download button would appear underneath the rest of the menu items, when the menu went from a smaller responsive version to the larger expanded version, and I could not pinpoint why. It was like a clear: both had been applied just to the download button...anyways changing out the icons fixed it...possibly a way to keep original icon if it is important.

[Finish Card #30 #23] responsive menu reworked