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DRILL-6764: Query fails with IOB when Unnest has reference to deep nested field like (t.c_orders.o_lineitems).

closes #1487

DRILL-6765: Exclude unused shaded guava classes from drill-jdbc-all jar

closes #1486

DRILL-6759: Make columns array name for csv data case insensitive

closes #1485

DRILL-6766: Lateral Unnest query : IllegalStateException - rowId in right batch of lateral is smaller than rowId in left batch being processed Note: Issue was in StreamingAgg where if output from one or multiple input batch was splitting into multiple output batch, then remaining input records were discarded after producing first output batch closes #1490

DRILL-6381: Address code review comments.

add ssl link to doc

edit SP config basics to update case sensitivity info, fix link to explain command

DRILL-6762: Fix dynamic UDFs versioning issue

1. Added UndefinedVersionDelegatingStore to serve as versioned wrapper for those stores that do not support versioning.

2. Aligned remote and local function registries version type. Type will be represented as int since ZK version is returned as int.

3. Added NOT_AVAILABLE and UNDEFINED versions to DataChangeVersion holder to indicate proper registry state.

4. Added additional trace logging.

5. Minor refactoring and clean up.

closes #1484

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DRILL-6731: Resolving race conditions in RuntimeFilterSink Add condition variable to avoid starvation of producer thread while acquiring queue lock

DRILL-6763: Codegen optimization of SQL functions with constant values(#1481)

closes #1481

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DRILL-6755: Avoid building Hash Table for inner/left join when probe side is empty

- Preparations and cleanup for DRILL-6755

clsoes #1480

DRILL-6761: Updated table of contents on the REST-API page

DRILL-6824: Handle schema changes in MapRDBJsonRecordReader closes #1518

DRILL-6753: Fix show files command to return result the same way as before

1. Add ACCESS_TIME column.

2. Re-write show files command to return result using ShowFilesCommandResult to maintain backward compatibility.

closes #1477

DRILL-6752: Surround Drill quotes with double quotes

1. Surround Drill quotes with double quotes.

2. Remove drill-sqlline-test.conf, use drill-sqlline.conf for tests instead.

closes #1475

DRILL-5782: Web UI: do not attempt to build visualized plan when plan is absent

Added checks for undefined values. Now there are no js errors and also a JSON profile is now displayed for incorrect queries.

closes #1476

Fixing broken links to CTAS and Explain Commands - DRILL 6749

Fixing broken links to CTAS and Explain Commands

doc nav updated

edit options table

Indentation Changes to S3 config for IAM roles

Indentation Changes to S3 config for IAM roles

Docs for configuring Drill to S3 Instance Profiles

Adding instructions for using drill with AWS Instance Profiles/IAM Roles for accessing S3.

updated azure blob storage documentation

azure blob store document added


- Fixed IOB in HashJoin for inner and right joins on empty probe side.

- Documentated expected behavior of RecordBatch after returning NONE.

- Made UnorderedReceiver obey contract after returning NONE.

DRILL-6630: Extra spaces are ignored while publishing results in Drill Web UI (#1468)

Added a style option to the table to ensure that all explicit spaces are shown in the published results.

DRILL-6746: Query can hang when PartitionSender task thread sees a connection failure while sending data batches to remote fragment

closes #1470

DRILL-6381: (Part 5) Update Javadoc for a few interfaces.

edit 1.14 rn to add links to preview drivers

DRILL-6777: Setup CircleCI configs for Drill

- adding .circleci/config.yml to the project to launch CircleCI

- custom memory parameters

- usage of CircleCI machine

- excluding "SlowTest" and "UnlikelyTest" groups

- update maven version

- adding libaio.so library to solve MySQL integration tests

- update com.jcabi:jcabi-mysql-maven-plugin library version

- TODO descriptions for the future enhancements of CircleCI build for Drill

close apache/drill#1493

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DRILL-6733: Unit tests from KafkaFilterPushdownTest are failing in some environments.

Added a check that prevents the cluster tear down if TestKafkaSuit is not running.