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DRILL-5751: Fix unit tests to use local file system even if it is not set by default

DRILL-5751: Changes after code review.

close apache/drill#927

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DRILL-4286: Graceful shutdown of drillbit

closes #921

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DRILL-5726: Support Impersonation without authentication for REST API

DRILL-5726: Changes after code review.

close apache/drill#910

DRILL-5737: Hash Agg uses more than the allocated memory under certain low memory conditions Note: Provide a new config parameter HASHAGG_FALLBACK_ENABLED which is set to true by default. When 2 Phase HashAgg doesn't have enough memory to hold 2 partitions then based on this flag it either fallsback to old behavior of consuming unbounded memory or it fails the query.

close apache/drill#920

DRILL-5002: Using hive's date functions on top of date column gives wrong results for local time-zone

closes #937

DRILL-5717: Let some test cases be Local or TimeZone independent.

closes #904

nav change for logging and tracing title

edits to drill 1.11 docs

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DRILL-5657: Size-aware vector writer structure

- Vector and accessor layer

- Row Set layer

- Tuple and column models

- Revised write-time metadata

- "Result set loader" layer

this closes #914

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DRILL-5723: Added System Internal Options That can be Modified at Runtime Changes include:

1. Addition of internal options.

2. Refactoring of OptionManagers and OptionValidators.

3. Fixed ambiguity in the meaning of an option type, and changed its name to accessibleScopes.

4. Updated javadocs in the Option System classes.

5. Added RestClientFixture for testing the Rest API.

6. Fixed flakey test in TestExceptionInjection caused by race condition.

7. Fixed various tests which started zookeeper but failed to shut it down at the end of tests.

8. Added port hunting to the Drill Webserver for testing

9. Fixed various flaky tests

10. Fix compile issue

closes #923

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DRILL-5721: Query with only root fragment and no non-root fragment hangs when Drillbit to Drillbit Control Connection has network issues Note: 1) To resolve the issue all the fragments including root fragment which are assigned to be executed on Foreman node are scheduled locally and not sent over Control Tunnel. Also the FragmentStatusReporter is updated to sent the status update locally by fragments running on Foreman node. 2) Refactor for FragmentManager, setupRootFragment and startNewFragment 3) Update the test added for DRILL-5701 as there is change in behavior

DRILL-5729 explicitly made the travis container use openjdk7 to fix the build.

close apache/drill#913

edits to planner.memory.max_query_memory_per_node description

edits for 1.11 - config options

DRILL-5507: Made verbose info logging message debug level and printed it less frequently

closes #911

Additional doc updates related to hash agg spill to disk

doc updates

repost of security and odbc doc updates

securing drill doc updates

edits to sort/hag operators doc

Drill odbc and security updates from C.Skrbina + spill to disk updates from B.Bevens

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DRILL-5725: Update Jackson version to 2.7.8

closes #908

DRILL-1051: Casting timestamp as date gives wrong result for dates earlier than 1883

- Fix DateAccessor's, TimestampAccessor's and TimeAccessor's converting joda time to java.sql

close apache/drill#915

doc update for DRILL-3867

DRILL-5712: Update the pom files with dependency exclusions for commons-codec

closes #903

DRILL-5714: Fix NPE when mapr-db plugin is used in table function

close #902

edit to ctas doc to include permissions option per DRILL-5391

add info to doc for DRILL-DRILL-5379

DRILL-5709: Provide a value vector method to convert a vector to nullable

Please see the DRILL-5709 for an explanation and example.

close apache/drill#901

minor doc updates

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