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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.16.0

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DRILL-7212: Add gpg key with apache.org email for sorabh Note: Revert "Add public gpg key for Sorabh" This reverts commit 5a0155977daabe33422aafa96ba04f880d8e7b04.

DRILL-7207: Update the copyright year in NOTICE.txt file

DRILL-7201: Strange symbols in error window (Windows)

Looks like some unicode characters creeped in, causing the rendering to be messed up ONLY for Windows OS. This PR patches that issue and ensures that the Alert symbol also appears correctly.

DRILL-7213: Use dependencySets tag for including artifacts in assembly to consider dependencies from the distribution module

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DRILL-7202: Failed query shows warning that fragments made no progress

This bug arises because of the `toggleWarning()` javascript function that shows the warning if the number of slow major fragments matches the number of major fragments.

For failed queries, the number of major fragments = 0; and that matches the number of tags (which is also zero for a non-running query). Hence the warning shows.

DRILL-7206:using primitive int list at right or full join case

DRILL-7199: Optimize population of metadata for non-interesting columns closes #1771




DRILL-7050: RexNode convert exception in sub-query closes #1770

DRILL-7187: Improve selectivity estimation of BETWEEN predicates and arbitrary combination of range predicates.

Address review comments.

Modify unit test expected rowcount after rebasing.

close apache/drill#1772

DRILL-7190: Missing backward compatibility for REST API with DRILL-6562



edit to make column larger

DRILL-7186: Add back storage.json REST endpoint (regression after DRILL-6562)

DRILL-7164: KafkaFilterPushdownTest is sometimes failing to pattern match correctly

closes #1760


add web ui features to doc for 1.16

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Fixed Error for Long Packets

DRILL-7183: TPCDS query 10, 35, 69 take longer with sf 1000 when Statistics are disabled. This commit reverts the changes done for DRILL-6997.

DRILL-7098: File Metadata Metastore Plugin closes #1754

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DRILL-6988. Utility of the too long error message when syntax error

- Adding Drill wrapper around SqlparseException to customize produced by Calcite messages

- Fix Drill SQL parse exception formatter to calculate proper position for "^" character

closes #1753

DRILL-6974: SET option command modification

- ALTER ... RESET ... and ALTER ... SET ... sub-parsers separated to 2

different SqlCall classes with same parent SqlSetOption

- parserImpls modified to handle new syntax of ALTER... SET...


a) ALTER ... SET option.name - option.value - setting option value

b) ALTER ... SET option.name - display option value

- Handler for SqlSetOption separated to SetOptionHandler and

ResetOptionhandler for better representation of handled statements

- Base abstract class AbstractSqlSetHandler created to not repeat

shared implementation of same functions

- SetOptionHandler covered with unit tests for each statement


Fix issues stated in the review

closes #1763

DRILL-7182: Incorrect access specifier for Join DrillRelMdDistinctRowCount


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add note about ability to query hive views in hive sp doc