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Using javascript: void(0) instead of hash in links, so page does not jump to top when clicking a hash link

multi-tenancy edits

link test


add dynamic data tutorial, multi-tenancy topics

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DRILL-2902: Add support for context functions: user (synonyms session_user and system_user) and current_schema

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DRILL-2036: Make field name in MapWriter case-insensitive

When looking up the vectors in the container vector, we already treat

the field name as case insensitive. But we were not treating the field names

in MapWriter when looking up the FieldWriter as case-insensitive. This

inconsistency resulted in incorrect data. This patch makes the behavior


DRILL-2181: Flatten function in order by, group by, distinct, aggregate functions is disabled

fix link

tutorial links


DRILL-2479: Added test case for correlated EXISTS with IN subquery (fix is in Calcite).

DRILL-2904: Fix wrong "before rows" message to "after rows" message

- Worked around Avatica isBeforeFirst()/next() bug.

- Fixed corresponding error in unit test.

- Also fixed other backwards test-failure message wording.

DRILL-2940, DRILL-2847: Improve Memory Characteristics

- Update Large Buffer allocation so Drill releases immediately rather than waiting for Garbage Collection

- Remove DrillBuf.wrap() and all references to it.

- Update Parquet Reader to reduce object churn and indirection.

- Add additional metric to memory iterator

- Add Large and small buffer metric historgram tracking

- Add memory tracking reporter

- Update Netty to 4.0.27

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DRILL-2094: Test cases added

WIP moving default layout into docpage layout and rearranging elements so there is an outer wrapper with width the total of sidebar and main content. Inner wrapper gets margin left to offset the sidebar. This is to avoid scrolling far right in the right main text area.

Also recalculated heights in menu to avoid rogue 1px offset.

Color in sidebar is now only on current selection. Hover will receive


add NR's topics

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remove impala

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DRILL-2890: C++ Client: Update query submitter usage to clarify using authentication

remove comma


minor tweaks

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minor edits

minor edits

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minor fix

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