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DRILL-6696: IOBE in Operator Metric Registry

DRILL-6694: NPE in UnnestRecordBatch when query uses a column name not present in data

closes #1434

DRILL-6685: Fixed exception when reading Parquet data

DRILL-6689: Include query user information to drillbit.log

closes #1432

DRILL-6687: Updated with review comments

DRILL-6687: Improve RemovingRecordBatch to do transfer when all records needs to be copied Add optimization in SelectionVector2 to enable RemovingRecordBatch to transfer ValueVectors from incoming to output container when all records needs to be copied. Modified FilterRecordBatch and LimitRecordBatch to play by this optimization

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DRILL-6676: Add Union, List and Repeated List types to Result Set Loader

Adds required functionalty to the list and repeated list vectors.

Row set accessor changes

Adds a "variant" type to model both unions and (non-repeated) lists (which can act as a repeated union, among other things.)

Adds union, list and repeated list support to the result set loader and associated classes.

Copied much of the general documentation from my private Wiki into mark-down files.

closes #1429

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DRILL-6663: Fixed shutdown button

closes #1424

DRILL-6670: Align Parquet TIMESTAMP_MICROS logical type handling with earlier versions + minor fixes

closes #1428

edit for PR 1423

DRILL-6674: Minor fixes to avoid auto boxing cost in logging in LateralJoinBatch

doc edits for 1.14

edit doc

updates for drill 1.14

doc updates for 1.14 release process

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DRILL-6653: Unsupported Schema change exception where there is no schema change

closes #1422

edit to lateral join doc

DRILL-6671: Multi level lateral unnest join is throwing an exception during materializing the plan.

closes #1426

DRILL-6664: Limit the maximum parquet reader batch rows to 64k

DRILL-6662: Access AWS access key ID and secret access key using Credential Provider API for S3 storage plugin

closes #1419

update nav with new doc - lateral join

add lateral join doc and update from clause

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updates for limit 0

DRILL-6645: Transform TopN in Lateral Unnest pipeline to Sort and Limit.

closes #1417

DRILL-6409: Updates mongo-java-driver to 3.8.0

closes #1416

DRILL-6652: PartitionLimit changes for Lateral and Unnest Removing Ignore from TestE2EUnnestAndLateral

DRILL-6656: Disallow extra semicolons and multiple statements on the same line.

closes #1415

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.14.0

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DRILL-6655: Require package declaration in files.

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DRILL-6654: Data verification failure with lateral unnest query having filter in and order by

closes #1418