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Drill 1.13 doc updates and other edits

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DRILL-6323: Fix license headers

DRILL-5846: Improve parquet performance for Flat Data Types

closes #1060

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DRILL-6328: Adding unit testing docs.

closes #1220

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DRILL-6328: Consolidated developer docs in the docs folder.

closes #1220

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DRILL-6339: Add a new option to disable TopN (for testing)

This closes #1219

DRILL-6323: Lateral Join - Review feedback changes with License header fixes

This closes #1212

DRILL-6341: Fixed failing tests for mongodb storage plugin by upgrading MongoDB version.

closes #1222

DRILL-6338: Do not skip license maven plugin when formatting generated protobuf files.

This closes #1215

DRILL-6173: Support transitive closure during filter push down and partition pruning

closes #1216

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DRILL-6335: Column accessor refactoring

closes #1218

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DRILL-6334: Minor code cleanup

This closes #1213

DRILL-6440: Unnest unit tests and fixes for stats

- Add unit test with mock input, nested lateral and unnest and project.

- Fix unit test involving batch limits, ignore map tests

- Fix input row count stats.

closes #1283

doc edits

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dox edits

DRILL-6302: Fixed NPE in Drillbit close method

closes #1217

DRILL-6320: Fixed license headers.

closes #1207

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DRILL-6320: Added license-maven-plugin to the pom.

DRILL-6295: PartitionerDecorator may close partitioners while CustomRunnable are active during query cancellation

This closes #1208

DRILL-6318: Push down limit past flatten is incorrect

closes #1204

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DRILL-5977: Implement Filter Pushdown in Drill-Kafka plugin

closes #1272

DRILL-6307: Handle empty batches in record batch sizer correctly

closes #1228

DRILL-6311: No logging information in drillbit.log / drillbit.out

closes #1202

DRILL-6094: Decimal data type enhancements

Add ExprVisitors for VARDECIMAL

Modify writers/readers to support VARDECIMAL

- Added usage of VarDecimal for parquet, hive, maprdb, jdbc;

- Added options to store decimals as int32 and int64 or fixed_len_byte_array or binary;

Add UDFs for VARDECIMAL data type

- modify type inference rules

- remove UDFs for obsolete DECIMAL types

Enable DECIMAL data type by default

Add unit tests for DECIMAL data type

Fix mapping for NLJ when literal with non-primitive type is used in join conditions

Refresh protobuf C++ source files

Changes in C++ files

Add support for decimal logical type in Avro.

Add support for date, time and timestamp logical types.

Update Avro version to 1.8.2.

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edit spnego and impersonation docs

DRILL-6327: Update unary operators to handle IterOutcome.EMIT Note: Handles for Non-Blocking Unary operators (like Filter/Project/etc) with EMIT Iter.Outcome

closes #1240

edit to spnego doc

DRILL-6375 : Support for ANY_VALUE aggregate function

closes #1256

  1. … 22 more files in changeset.
minor edit