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DRILL-3053: add unchecked exception injection site in ChildAllocator

DRILL-3037: Fix impersonation issue with HDFS based filesystem plugins.

We have common code where we impersonate the owner of scan (proxy user) while creating

a filesystem object. When impersonation is enabled the proxy user is either query

user or view owner (if the query involves views). When impersonation is disabled the

proxy user is always the user who started Drillbit (processUser). This causes problems

as "processUser" tries to impersonate "processUser" when impersonation is disabled.

HDFS based filesystems which have impersonation disabled prohibit this (even the self


Fix is don't impersonate "processUser". If the given proxy user name is same as

"processUser", then return the process UserGroupInformation directly instead of

proxy UserGroupInformation.

DRILL-2750: Running 1 or more queries against Drillbits having insufficient DirectMem renders the Drillbits in an unusable state

Fix memory leaks found at operator tree construction time if there is an

allocation failure.

Removing intro table background dividers at 768px max width responsive break point. Also making width 100% so it flows with the page size.

DRILL-3051: Fix integer overflow in TimedRunnable

also fixes a similar overflow in Foreman

DRILL-3009: Bump up Calcite version to 1.1.0-drill-r7 (For IN list threshold).

DRILL-3050: Increase QueryContext max allocation to 256MB

DRILL-3049: Increase sort spooling threshold

DRILL-3048: Disable assertions by default in distribution

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update image name

DRILL-3061: Fix memory leaks in TestDrillbitResilience

- fixes a race condition in WorkEventBus

- marking TestDrillbitResilience with @Ignore

DRILL-2755: (part2) Use and handle InterruptedException during query processing

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Improved video widget and responsive bug fixes

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DRILL-3033: Add memory leak fixes found so far in DRILL-1942 to 1.0.0 Fixes some missing buffer retains() and missing vector clears().

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DRILL-3034: Apply UserException to port-binding; handle in embedded-Drill case.

Applied UserException to can't-bind-to-port error. [BasicServer]

Added specific handling of UserException (above case or other) in SQLException

wrapping. [DrillConnectionImpl]

Tableau Server doc

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lesson spelling error

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DRILL-1980: Add support for CTAS with interval data type. Modify ParquetOutputRecordWriter to be able to write interval day, interval year and interval data type into parquet. Modify the two parquet readers to be able to read interval data type from parquet file

Add unit tests

DRILL-2776: add extensive tests for empty population coverage

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MD-272: Incorporate DRILL-2848 (option to disable decimal data type)

DRILL-2953: Ensure sort operator be inserted to enforce desired order, when a cast function is involved.

DRILL-3027: Add convenience methods to test builder for creating nested baseline values

spelling of lesson

DRILL-2977, DRILL-2978: Swap fragment execution method implementations, and cancellation changes

Execution: In WorkManager,

+ swap implementations of startFragmentPendingRemote() and addFragmentRunner()

+ warn if there are running fragments in close()


+ for fragments waiting on data, delegate cancellations to WorkEventBus (in Foreman and ControlMessageHandler)

+ documentation

title change

rename files, fix links

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DRILL-3018: Fix CanNotPlan for nestLoop left join, caused by row count estimation issue.

Add unit testcase.

DRILL-3022: ensure sequential shutdown of drillbits

DRILL-3019: In JsonReader, update atLeastOneWrite to true if writeListDataIfTyped and writeMapDataIfTyped write a value

DRILL-3017: Safeguard against NPEs in RecordReader.cleanup()s