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DRILL-6971: Display query state in query result page

DRILL-6967: Fix TIMESTAMPDIFF function for QUARTER qualifier

closes #1609



doc edits for 1.15

DRILL-6969: Fix inconsistency of reading MaprDB JSON tables using hive plugin when native reader is enabled

closes #1610

DRILL-6959: Fix loss of precision when casting time and timestamp literals in filter condition closes #1607

Changes following second code review

DRILL-6954: Move commons libs used in UDFs module to the dependency management closes #1604

DRILL-6928: Update description for exec.query.return_result_set_for_ddl option to reflect it affects JDBC connections only closes #1601

Changes following code review comments for DRILL-6880

doc edits and updates

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DRILL-6050: Provide a limit to number of rows fetched for a query in UI

Currently, the WebServer side needs to process the entire set of results and stream it back to the WebClient.

Since the WebUI does paginate results, we can load a larger set for pagination on the browser client and relieve pressure off the WebServer to host all the data (most of which will never be streamed to the browser).

e.g. Fetching all rows from a 1Billion records table is impractical and can be capped at (say) 1K. Currently, the user has to explicitly specify LIMIT in the submitted query.

An option is provided in the field to allow for this entry, and can be set to selected by default for the Web UI.

The submitted query indicates that an auto-limiting wrapper was applied.

[Update #1] Updated as per comments

1. Limit Wrapping Unchecked by default

2. Full List configuration of results

[Update #2] Minor update

[Update #3] Followup

closes #1593

DRILL-6955: storage-jdbc tests improvements

- Remove plugins usage for instantiating test databases and tables

- Replace derby with h2 database

closes #1603

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DRILL-6947: Fix RuntimeFilter memory leak

DRILL-6880: For Hash-Join hash-table build - treat null keys as an equal match

DRILL-6941: Incorrect EARLY_LIMIT0_OPT_KEY description

Description was accidentally duplicated from `planner.parser.quoting_identifiers`

closes #1597

DRILL-6942: Provide ability to sort list of profiles on Drill Web UI

This provides an option to order the list of query profiles based on any of the displayed fields, including total duration. This way, a user can easily identify long running queries.

In addition, the number of profiles listed per page for both, completed and running list of queries, has been made configurable with the parameter: `drill.exec.http.profiles_per_page` (default is 10,25,50,100)

closes #1594

DRILL-6903: SchemaBuilder code improvements

1. ColumnBuilder: setPrecisionAndScale method

2. SchemaContainer: addColumn method parameter AbstractColumnMetadata was changed to ColumnMetadata

3. MapBuilder / RepeatedListBuilder / UnionBuilder: added constructors without parent, made buildColumn method public

4. TupleMetadata: added toMetadataList method

5. Other refactoring

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
DRILL-6944: UnsupportedOperationException thrown for view over MapR-DB binary table

1. Added persistence of MAP key and value types in Drill views (affects .view.drill file) for avoiding cast problems in future.

2. Preserved backward compatibility of older view files by treating untyped maps as ANY.

closes #1602

DRILL-6918: Skip ensureAtLeastOneField when there are no records

If none of the project / filter columns, exist in the vector, ensureAtLeastOneField (or the Scan operator) adds at least one field as nullable integer (or nullable varchar if `allTextmode` is enabled).

The downstream Filter operator would then go on to fail with `NumberFormatException` because it tries to convert empty fields to integers.

Since ensureAtLeastOneField is called after reading all the messages in a batch, it can be skipped if the batch is empty.

closes #1595



edit Drill datetime/add functions and add note about support starting in Drill 1.15

DRILL-6939: Indicate when a query is submitted and is in progress

On query submission, a modal popup blocks further interaction until the result of the query are available.

Since the Query ID is not available at this point, the only way to cancel a running query is to navigate to it via the `/profiles` tab. For this, the modal allows a button to pop out to this tab without closing the current window which is waiting for the result-set.

[Update] Shared running query modal introduced

closes #1592

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DRILL-6933: Fix ctrl+enter when Impersonation is disabled

Without impersonation, the key combination did not work because a conditional block of the FTLs skipped the Javascript functions required for submitting with the key combination.

This commit fixes that by unifying the functions that are common to both approaches of submitting a query (with and without impersoination)

[Update] Changes made to isOnlyImpersonationEnabled method and onlyImpersonationEnabled variable

[Update] userName is a global var in the script

closes #1591

DRILL-6946: Implement java.sql.Connection setSchema and getSchema methods in DrillConnectionImpl closes #1596

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DRILL-6921: Add Clear button for /options filter

This commit adds the following search enhancements:

1. Addition of a clear ('x') button in the search field

2. If a filter term has been entered in the search box, on clicking the Update or Reset-to-Default button of any option, the reloaded page will re-apply the last entered filter term in the search box.

3. If the search box is empty, on clicking the Update or Reset-to-Default button of any option, the reloaded page will automatically filter out everything except the updated/reset option to show the changed value.

4. Customization of the quick search terms. (using defaults in drill-module.conf)

closes #1588