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DRILL-5047: When session option is string, query profile is displayed incorrectly on Web UI

closes #655

DRILL-5050: C++ client library has symbol resolution issues when loaded by a process that already uses boost::asio

Build with Boost static libs and drill_boost namespace on mac. Added

readme with instructions

DRILL-5050: Addressed review comments

DRILL-5050: address more review comments

close apache/drill#659

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DRILL-5034: Select timestamp from hive generated parquet always return in UTC

- TIMESTAMP_IMPALA function is reverted to retaine local timezone


- Retain local timezone for the INT96 timestamp values in the parquet files while


Minor changes according to the review

Fix for the test, which relies on particular timezone

close #656

DRILL-5121 Fix for memory leak. Changes fieldVectorMap in ScanBatch to a CaseInsensitiveMap

close apache/drill#690

Revert "DRILL-4373: Drill and Hive have incompatible timestamp representations in parquet - added sys/sess option "store.parquet.int96_as_timestamp"; - added int96 to timestamp converter for both readers; - added unit tests;"

This reverts commit 7e7214b40784668d1599f265067f789aedb6cf86.

DRILL-4979: Make port of the DataConnection configurable

This closes #649

DRILL-5007: Dynamic UDF lazy-init does not work correctly in multi-node cluster

closes #650

DRILL-5015: Randomly select the drillbit from the list provided by user in connection string Note: Improved the connection string validation and error handling during parsing. Added unit test for the new parsing mechanism.

close apache/drill#648

DRILL-5009: Skip reading of empty row groups while reading Parquet metadata

+ We will no longer attempt to scan such row groups.

closes #651

Add Sudheesh's PGP Key

DRILL-4994: Add back JDBC prepared statement for older servers

When the JDBC client is connected to an older Drill server, it always

attempted to use server-side prepared statement with no fallback.

With this change, client will check server version and will fallback to the

previous client-side prepared statement (which is still limited to only execute

queries and does not provide metadata).

close #613

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DRILL-1950: Parquet rowgroup level filter pushdown in query planning time.

Implement Parquet rowgroup level filter pushdown. The filter pushdown is performed in

in Drill physical planning phase.

Only a local filter, which refers to columns in a single table, is qualified for filter pushdown.

A filter may be qualified if it is a simple comparison filter, or a compound "and/or" filter consists of

simple comparison filter. Data types allowed in comparison filter are int, bigint, float, double, date,

timestamp, time. Comparison operators are =, !=, <, <=, >, >=. Operands have to be a column of the above

data types, or an explicit cast or implicit cast function, or a constant expressions.

This closes #637

  1. … 29 more files in changeset.
DRILL-4730: Update JDBC DatabaseMetaData implementation to use new Metadata APIs

Update JDBC driver to use Metadata APIs instead of executing SQL queries

close #613

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
DRILL-4994: Refactor DrillCursor

Refactor DrillCursor to be more self-contained.

DRILL-5400: Fix NPE in corrupt date detection

This closes #646

DRILL-4956: Temporary tables support

close apache/drill#666

  1. … 27 more files in changeset.
DRILL-4995: Allow lazy init when dynamic UDF support is disabled

This closes #645

DRILL-4989: Fix TestParquetWriter.testImpalaParquetBinaryAsTimeStamp_DictChange

closes #643

edit config drill memory

edit drill memory page based on changes to product

DRILL-4987: Use ImpersonationUtil to get process user’s groups in RemoteFunctionRegistry

closes #642

DRILL-4986: Allow users to customize the Drill log file name

Adds a new user-settable environment variable to choose the log file

base name.

closes #641

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DRILL-1950: Update parquet metadata cache format to include both min/max and additional column type information.

Parquet meta cache format change:

1. include both min/max in ColumnMetaData if column statistics is available,

2. include precision/scale/repetitionLevel/definitionLevel in ColumnTypeMetaData (precision/scale/definitionLevel is for future use).

DRILL-4982: Separate Hive reader classes for different data formats to improve performance.

1, Separating Hive reader classes allows optimization to apply on different classes in optimized ways. This separation effectively avoid the performance degradation of scan.

2, Do not apply Skip footer/header mechanism on most Hive formats. This skip mechanism introduces extra checks on each incoming records.

close apache/drill#638

DRILL-4972: Remove setDaemon(true) call in WorkManager.StatusThread

closes #633

DRILL-4927 (part 2): Add support for Null Equality Joins (mixed comparators)

This changes are a subset of the original pull request from DRILL-4539 (PR-462).

- Added changes to support mixed comparators;

- Added tests for it.

closes #635

DRILL-5032: Drill query on hive parquet table failed with OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

close apache/drill#654

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
DRILL-4969: Basic implementation of display size for column metadata

Add a simple implementation of display size, based on the ODBC table

available at: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms713974(v=vs.85).aspx

closes #632

DRILL-4968: Add column size to ColumnMetadata

Add a column size to ColumnMetadata so that JDBC and ODBC clients share

the implementation and don't have to recompute it client side.

this closes #631

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DRILL-4980: Upgrading of the approach of parquet date correctness status detection - Parquet writer version is added; - Updated the detection method of parquet date correctness.

This closes #644