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DRILL-2695: Add Support for large in conditions through the use of the Values operator. Update JSON reader to support reading Extended JSON. Update JSON writer to support writing extended JSON data. Update JSON reader to automatically unwrap a file that includes a single top-level array (used by values). Update Options manager to use getOption(<Type>Validator) to directly retrieve typed value. Remove JSON rewinding Add support for CONVERT_TO( [], 'SIMPLEJSON') to disable extended types as part of udf use.

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DRILL-2275: Added support to get information about current cluster memory and threads

+ SystemRecordReader reads a SystemRecord e.g. MemoryRecord

+ Added generic data type for static tables

+ GroupScan can enforce width to be maximum width on ExcessiveExchangeRemover

+ GroupScan has minimum width for SimpleParallelizer

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DRILL-2010: MergeJoin: Store/restore the right batch state when existing join loop due to output batch full.

DRILL-2381 lexical structure plus fixes

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DRILL-2358: Ensure DrillScanRel differentiates skip-all, scan-all & scan-some in a backward compatible fashion

DRILL-2220: Complex reader unable to read FIXED_LEN_BYTE_ARRAY types in parquet file

DRILL-2402: Update hash functions to use seed strategy as opposed to xor strategy.

Also: Simplify and consolidate expression materialization.

DRILL-1897: Fix return type of functions to be nullable during planning phase

fold in review changes

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DRILL-2372: Fix current_date to convert input to UTC before storing in the vector

DRILL-2118: inform user with a user friendly error message if kvgen fails due to heterogenous types

DRILL-2406: part 1 - Remove interpreter generation, add new reflection based expression interpretation.

Changed interpreted evaluation to run the setup method after the input parameters have been set using reflection

so they are available in the case where the inputs are constant and are used in the setup method.

Changes that were originally committed in later patches for 2060 and 2173, as they are needed for this to run on its own:

- Change to DrillSimpleFuncHolder that belongs with the interpreter refactoring.

- ValueHolderHelper changes needed for interpreter refactoring.

Updates after review comments from Jinfeng:

Change the DrillSimpleFunc creation in the new interpreter to use a direct reference to the class type of the Function rather than the class name.

Add test case for 'like' function evaluated in the interpreter (has a meaningful setup method that uses one of the inputs to initialize a pattern matcher)

Update from Aman's review:

Add a test case for using a cast in interpreted expression evaluation.

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DRILL-2143: Part 2 - fix interpreter and add QueryDateTimeInfo injectable to fill in holes from removing RecordBatch from UDFs - Move list of accepted injectable types into the UdfUtilities interface for easier maintenance.

Fix one more new function to remove RecordBatch from setup method.

Add back UdfUtilities interface to FragmentContext lost in rebasing.

Remove unneeded testcase in TestExampleQueries, remove commented out code in InterpreterGenerator

previously used to handle DrillBuf injectables, now being handled by reflection to set the DrillBuf

rather than the previously generated code that would use the direct reference to the incoming

RecordBatch to get a buffer.

Fix docs on UdfUtilities and package docs for drill/exec/expr, belongs with 2143 part 2 patch.

Fix belongs with 2143, change interpreter to output a ValueHolder instead of a ValueVector in the case of a constant expression.

2143 update - Use reflection to remove boilerplate for adding new injectable types for UDFs.

fix links in gh-pages-master

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DRILL-2323: Added parquet metadata to logs (+filename to JSON reader)

DRILL-1692: Fixing Mongo join issue when * is selected

DRILL-2336 plugin updates

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DRILL-2359: ClassPathFileSystem.getFileStatus() should throw FileNotFoundException when path doesn't exist

DRILL-1875: getTransferClone should ignore given wrappers

DRILL-1410: Move off of Parquet fork

DRILL-2322: Adding file split information to logs

DRILL-2338: Fix Decimal38/Decimal28 vector's get() to copy the scale and precision into the holder

DRILL-2337: disable dictionary encoding by default

DRILL-2327: Raise the max value allowed for join's cardinality estimate factor to allow for hugely expanding joins.

DRILL-2262: selecting columns of certain datatypes from a dictionary encoded parquet file created by drill fails

DRILL-2328: For concat function, null input is treated as empty string; for concat operator (i.e., ||), if any input is null, the output is null

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DRILL-2253: PART-2 Vectorized Parquet reader fails to read correctly against RLE Dictionary encoded DATE column

DRILL-2289 - User email is still pointing to the old ( incubator.apache.org) should be user@drill.apache.org.

DRILL-2321: FlattenRecordBatch should transfer vectors honoring output field reference.