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DRILL-6641: Fix columnValueCounts in ParquetGroupScanStatistics when ParquetGroupScan has RowGroupInfo without column statistics

DRILL-6641: Fix columnValueCounts in ParquetGroupScanStatistics when ParquetGroupScan has RowGroupInfo without column statistics

closes #1406

DRILL-6639: Exception happens while displaying operator profiles for some queries

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DRILL-6639: Exception happens while displaying operator profiles for some queries

closes #1404

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DRILL-6640: Drill takes long time in planning when there are large number of files in views/tables DFS parent directory Modifying DotDrillUtil implementation to avoid using globStatus calls with GLOB for dot drill files


- Modified DotDrillUtil.getDotDrills implementation to avoid using DFS globStatus call with GLOB for a given base file name.

- Added unit test cases for the new method.

- Code refactoring to include additional comments.

- Updated logic to use globStatus call for path with wildcards and not ending with .drill

- Modified Testcase implementation to use BaseDirTestWatcher.

closes #1405

DRILL-6636: Planner side changes to use PartitionLimitBatch in place of LimitBatch.

DRILL-6635: Update UnnesRecordBatch to handle kill differently with respect to PartitionLimitBatch in the subquery Fix in MockLateralJoinBatch for unnest kill tests

DRILL-6635: PartitionLimit for Lateral/Unnest PartitionLimitBatch initial implementation Add unit tests for PartitionLimitBatch

DRILL-6649: Query with unnest of column from nested star subquery fails

closes #1421

DRILL-6638: Fix TestE2EUnnestAndLateral tests introduced with DRILL-6546

closes #1402

DRILL-6635: PartitionLimit for Lateral/Unnest Protobuf changes to add new operator PartitionLimit

DRILL-6616: Batch Processing for Lateral/Unnest

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.14.0

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DRILL-6617: Planner Side changed to propagate $drill_implicit_field$ information.

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DRILL-6619: Lateral changes for implicit column Lateral changes to support batch processing from right side. It also fixes memory leak issue with LimitRecordBatch Added debug logging for Lateral and fixed a memory related issue in Limit

DRILL-6637: Remove dependency on tests in the maven-javadoc-plugin in the drill-root pom

DRILL-6634: Add udf module under contrib directory and move some udfs into it

1. Created new contrib/udf module.

2. Moved distance, phonetic, networking, crypto functions from java-exec to contrib/udf module.

3. Moved functions from gis module to contrib/udf module. Removed gis module.

4. Removed unnecessary dependencies from java-exec module.

5. Minor refactoring of moved functions code.

closes #1403

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Increase jdbc-all jar size limit to 36500000

DRILL-6629 BitVector split and transfer does not work correctly for transfer length < 8

closes #1395

DRILL-6626: Fixed an IndexOutOfBoundException during aggregator rehash

DRILL-6611 to enable meta-enter query submission in web query interface

DRILL-6627: Adding REGEX_SUB_SCAN operator to protobuf file

- The operator is added to Java based UserBitShared.proto and C++ based UserBitShared.pb.h

- Java and C++ protobuf files are regenerated

DRILL-6562: Plugin Management improvements

- allow export plugin configs to json or hocon file formt

- allow export plugins configs for all/enabled/disabled groups

- add modals for export plugins and create new plugin

- storage UI improvements,responsive Storage page

- StorageResources refactoring. Remove redundant deletePlugin() DELETE request

- fix broken message for deletePlugin

closes #1692

DRILL-6622: Fixed a NullPointerException in a query with Union

closes #1391

DRILL-6631: Streaming agg causes queries with Lateral and Unnest to return incorrect results.

This commit fixes issues with handling straight aggregates (no group by)

with empty batches received between EMIT(s).

closes #1399

DRILL-6606: Fixed bug in HashJoin that caused it not to return OK_NEW_SCHEMA in some cases.

closes #1384

DRILL-6624: Fix loss of the table row type when the same schema name was specified as single path and as a complex path in the same query

closes #1390

DRILL-6544: Allow timestamp / date / time formatting when displaying on Web UI

Added the following options that are setting the format pattens:

web.timestamp.display_format, web.date.display_format, web.time.display_format.

See https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/time/format/DateTimeFormatter.html for the details about acceptable values.

Default formatting is used, if the corresponding option has empty string.

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