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DRILL-6719: Separate spilling queue logic from HashJoin and HashAgg.

DRILL-6517: Hash Join handling uninitialized vector container

DRILL-5735: UI options grouping and filtering & Metrics hints Allow search/sort in the Options webUI Additional details, like the description is provided as well in a JScript lookup map. This helps reduce the need for the server to constantly recreate the entire page with the description details, as the client browser can fill in these details. Developers will be expected to update the description as old/new options are introduced or deprecated. System table options_val also carries the description, albeit a 'shorter' version.

closes #1279

add link to keys

DRILL-6717: lower and upper functions not works with national characters

closes #1450

DRILL-6710: Disallow negative scale for decimal data type

edit file

link edit

edit link to src files

change acs to asc

fix space in index page

Drill website update : * Apache page * Drill book download link * Checksum links

DRILL-6422: Replace guava imports with shaded ones

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DRILL-6712: Creation of jdbc storage plugin fails with NoSuchMethod closes #1447

DRILL-6349: Drill JDBC driver fails on Java 1.9+ with NoClassDefFoundError: sun/misc/VM

closes #1446

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DRILL-6706: fixed null pointer exception in HashJoin

closes #1445

DRILL-6688 Data batches for Project operator exceed the maximum specified (#1442)

This change separates the metadata-width and data-width of a variable-width column such that the data-width is used in all intermediate calculations and the meta-data width is added finally when the column's width is accumulated into the total width.

DRILL-6709: Extended the batch stats utility to other operators

closes #1444

DRILL-6705: Fix various failures in Crypto / Network / Phonetic functions when invalid input is given

1. aes_decrypt / aes_ecrypt - moved cyper init part into eval method since it not a constant and can be different for each input

2. double_metaphone - fixed NPE when given string is empty

3. in_network / address_count / broadcast_address / netmask / low_address / high_address / - fixed IllegalArgumentException in case of invalid input

4. is_private_ip / inet_aton - fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException / NumberFormatException in case of invalid input

5. is_valid_IP / is_valid_IPv4 / is_valid_IPv6 - removed unnecessary checks

6. Added appropriate unit tests

closes #1443

DRILL-6693: When a query is started from Drill Web Console, the UI becomes inaccessible until the query finishes

git closes #1440

DRILL-6566: Reduce Hash Agg Batch size and estimate when low available memory (#1438)

DRILL-6566: Reduce Hash Agg Batch size and estimate when mem available is low

DRILL-6703: Query with complex expressions in lateral and unnest fails with CannotPlanException

git closes #1441

Move Using Saiku Analytics with Apache Drill to Ecosystem section

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add saiku analytics placeholder

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add ecosystem section to docs

add ecosystem section to docs, change snappy to none per PR-1435

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DRILL-6492: Ensure schema / workspace case insensitivity in Drill

1. StoragePluginsRegistryImpl was updated:

a. for backward compatibility at init to convert all existing storage plugins names to lower case, in case of duplicates, to log warning and skip the duplicate.

b. to wrap persistent plugins registry into case insensitive store wrapper (CaseInsensitivePersistentStore) to ensure all given keys are converted into lower case when performing insert, update, delete, search operations.

c. to load system storage plugins dynamically by @SystemStorage annotation.

2. StoragePlugins class was updated to stored storage plugins configs by name in case insensitive map.

3. SchemaUtilities.searchSchemaTree method was updated to convert all schema names into lower case to ensure that are they are matched case insensitively (all schemas are stored in Drill in lower case).

4. FileSystemConfig was updated to store workspaces by name in case insensitive hash map.

5. All plugins schema factories are now extend AbstractSchemaFactory to ensure that given schema name is converted to lower case.

6. New method areTableNamesAreCaseInsensitive was added to AbstractSchema to indicate if schema tables names are case insensitive. By default, false. Schema implementation is responsible for table names case insensitive search in case it supports one. Currently, information_schema, sys and hive do so.

7. System storage plugins (information_schema, sys) were refactored to ensure their schema, table names are case insensitive, also the annotation @SystemPlugin and additional constructor were added to allow dynamically load system plugins at storage plugin registry during init phase.

8. MetadataProvider was updated to concert all schema filter conditions into lower case to ensure schema would be matched case insensitively.

9. ShowSchemasHandler, ShowTablesHandler, DescribeTableHandler were updated to ensure schema / tables names (this depends if schema supports case insensitive table names) would be found case insensitively.

git closes #1439

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DRILL-6696: IOBE in Operator Metric Registry

DRILL-6694: NPE in UnnestRecordBatch when query uses a column name not present in data

closes #1434