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DRILL-3019: In JsonReader, update atLeastOneWrite to true if writeListDataIfTyped and writeMapDataIfTyped write a value

DRILL-3017: Safeguard against NPEs in RecordReader.cleanup()s

Add missing commit fixing queries file path.

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DRILL-3012: Fix issue where remote values rel wasn't losing operatorId.

Also enhance Union rule to avoid more than 2 ways inputs

DRILL-2780: Check for open files when closing OperatorContext

DRILL-3020: Copy cause exception's message to thrown SQLException's message.

Changed SQLException construction to set SQLException's message to the cause

exception's toString().


- Narrowed one SQLException to SQLNonTransientConnectionException (not other

two, since unclear whether transient, non-transient, or varied).

- Clarified/simplified exception messages.

- Fixed message typo.

DRILL-2993: Unthrottle at cancel() to fix post-cancelation hangs.

Added unthrottling in close().

Cleaned up throttling logic code:

- Applied AtomicBoolean to eliminate race conditions.

- Extracted methods for starting/stopping throttling.

Made small edits to some message:

- Fixed missed, inconsistent ResultsListener log messages.

- Clarified exception message.

DRILL-2841: Fix slow web UI on some cluster nodes due to unneeded transitive dependencies

Fix enforcer rule for jetty servlet-api global exclusion, add explicit exclusions where needed.

DRILL-3007: Disable automatic mmap threshold on Linux

Address review comments. Modify costing for Cartesian Logical Join, to fix CanNotPlan in some TPCDS queries with view on text format.

Code clean up.

DRILL-2870: Part2 - Fix return type of aggregate functions to be nullable

zookeeper to ZooKeeper

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    /_docs/install/050-starting-drill-in-distributed mode.md
minor edit

add Aman's info about broadcast

DRILL-2870: Part1 - Separate count aggregate functions from others Count is the only aggregate function with required type as output, this will reduce some of the conditional logic in the templates

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DRILL-2723: Add option to change text format row size estimate.

DRILL-3005: Ensure that only one outcome can occur for a QueryResult.

Includes removing QueryResultHandler close listener which should fix most times. For exceptional race cases, also added isTerminal condition which ensures only a single transition.

html > markdown table format

revive sys options table

DRILL-2998: Implement heartbeat in C++ client

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remove config options table

DRILL-2976: Part 2 - disable extended json in the default convert_toJSON method, the functionality is still accessible in a new convert_toComplexJSON method.

Added unit tests for both versions of the function (in the case of the simple json version I added result verification to an old test)

Address Mehant's review comments.

Fix failing unit test to turn on now disabled option for using extended types in written json files.

add bob's file to nav

try again

Tableau 9 Desktop doc

Tableau 9 Desktop doc

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config options

DRILL-1662: Decrease drillbit kill -9 timeout in shutdown script to 120 seconds

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DRIL-2994: Incorrect error message when disconnecting from a direct drillbit connection

add openkb blog reference