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DRILL-3474: Add implicit file columns support

DRILL-4607: Add a split function that allows to separate string by a delimiter

This closes #506

Updates for Drill-4564

DRILL-4604: Generate warning on Web UI if drillbits version mismatch is detected

close apache/drill#482

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update to drill ports page

ports update

ports used by drill update


change ports doc

Update Drill ports doc - DRILL-4570

Update doc for DRILL-4563

add back ticks to show entire path <drill_home>/conf/logback.xml.

Change /etc/host path for Windows - DRILL-4440

update to add querying avro files

Update Avro description to state that it's experimental and add new querying avro page

DRILL-4584: JDBC/ODBC Client IP in Drill audit logs - the format of added field in log files is "remoteAddress":""

This closes #475

new bi tool doc

new bi doc: drill with webfocus

DRILL-4593: Remove OldAssignmentCreator in FileSystemPlugin

+ Remove dead code in ParquetGroupScan

this closes #473

DRILL-4592: Explain plan statement should show plan in WebUI

DRILL-4143: parquet metadata is only opened in drillbituser (process user)'s security context. Adding unit test for impersonated metadata update.

DRILL-4588: Enable JMX reporting

closes #469

DRILL-3714: Avoid cascading disconnection when a single connection is broken.

- Move the coordination id management to be connection level instead of RpcBus level

- Rename CoordinationQueue to a more appropriate name: RequestIdMap

- Simplify locking and memory overhead of RequestIdMap. It used to be that this would accessed by a large number of threads concurrently. We modified the behavior so that it is only accessed by two threads at most. Rather than have memory overhead of ConcurrentHashMap, switch to simple locking approach since contention should be low.

- Update all methods associated with coordination to improve names as well as add javadocs. Move these methods to the RemoteConnection.

- Consolidate the two different close handlers into a single, ordered close handler managed inside the connection.

- Add better javadoc around the close method of RemoteConnection

- Add some preconditions checks.

- Update the HPPC version in the base memory module since it conflicts with the one in the java-exec module.

This closes #463.

DRILL-3743: Fail active result listeners if server connection is closed

+ Remove dead code

+ Improve error and logging messages

closes #460

DRILL-3894: Upgrade functions MaxDir, MinDir... Optional filename parameter - added implementations of functions MAXDIR, IMAXDIR, MINDIR, IMINDIR with one (schema) without filename argument; - added UTest for results comparison of using Query Directory Functions with one and two arguments.

This closes #467

DRILL-4577: Construct a specific path for querying all the tables from a hive database

DRILL-4574: Avro Plugin: Flatten does not work correctly on record items

* When applied to arrays of record, the flatten function always returned the last item only in the array when querying avro records

* The problem was that the RepeatedMapWriter's start() and end() methods wer only called once and not for every array item

* This commit adds tests that show the expected behaviour for both non-primitive and primitive arrays

close apache/drill#459


DRILL-4571: Add link to local Drill logs from the web UI

This closes #472

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DRILL-4199: Add Support for HBase 1.X