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DRILL-2280: Refactor ValueVector interface & add an abstract ValueVector implementation

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DRILL-2130: Fixed JUnit/Hamcrest/Mockito/Paranamer class path problem.

DRILL-2283: Fixed Java VARCHAR(1) in INFO._SCHEMA that caused bad comparisons.

DRILL-1733 - Include Hadoop winutils in Drill distribution

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DRILL-1496: Fix serialization of 'similar to' while converting from optiq expression to drill.

DRILL-2400: Part 1: Change cpu cost estimation formula for DrillFilterRelBase. Add testcase for MergeFilter rule.

Modify costing of Filter.

Cost change to Filter.

Change to filter costing.

Move one test utility method to PlanTestBase.

DRILL-1757 Support for wildcards in repeated_contains()

DRILL-2197: Fix no applicable constructor error in outer join with a map type

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DRILL-2279: Raise exception if schema change is encountered in hash and streaming aggregate

DRILL-2270: Broken link on Apache Drill website

DRILL-2269: Add default implementation for estimating cost of evaluating an expression, in stead of throwing Exception.

Set default cost of evaluating a HiveFuncHolder expression.

DRILL-2253: Vectorized Parquet reader fails to read correctly against RLE Dictionary encoded DATE column

DRILL-1062: Implemented null ordering (NULLS FIRST/NULLS LAST).


- Split "compare_to" function templates (for sorting) into

"compare_to_nulls_high" and "compare_to_nulls_low" versions.

- Added tests to verify ORDER BY ordering.

- Added tests to verify merge join order correctness.

- Implemented java.sql.DatabaseMetaData.nullsAreSortedHigh(), etc.


- Eliminated DateInterfaceFunctions.java template (merged into other).

- Renamed comparison-related template data objects and file names.

- Eliminated unused template macros, function template classes.

- Overhauled Order.Ordering; added unit test.

- Regularized some generated-class names.


- Added toString() to ExpressionPosition, Order.Ordering, JoinStatus.

- Fixed some typos.

- Fixed some comment syntax.

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DRILL-2254: use parent field while adding a child vector into a repeated list

DRILL-2210 Introducing multithreading capability to PartitonerSender

DRILL-2242 : Propagate distribution trait when Project only outputs a subset of child's distribution field.

Minor code style fix.

change to unit test.

DRILL-1219. C++ Client. Fix timeout for 32-bit windows platform

DRILL-2353: Add interpreter based partition pruning.

Integrate Jacques's interpreter based partition pruning with Jason's interpreter refactoring that removed interpreter module and added that functionality in the exec module.

Ensure boolean operators are correctly handled when traversing expression tree to find partition filters.

Resolve merge conflicts after rebasing to master branch.

Additional fixes for handling OR conditions.

DRILL-2400: Part 2: Add merge filter rule to logical rule sets. Increase function cost differentials.

DRILL-2347: Support parquet metadata read parallelization

Use HashMap internally when building endpoint map.

DRILL-2252: Cleanup resources when fragment is cancelled.

DRILL-2209 Insert ProjectOperator with MuxExchange

DRILL-2251: Fix resource leaking with new DrillFileSystem

DRILL-2226: Plan verification utility.

DRILL-1697: C++ client. Fix crash when listener exits prematurely.

DRILL-2207: Union RelOperator supports different types to be unioned together by casting; Disable Union-all on Select * from schemaless data source

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DRILL-2168: Fix incorrect query result issue when group by use an expression with drill build-in functions. Fix is in Calcite.

DRILL-2170: For fragment parallelization, use max cost of operators instead of total cost (this makes it consistent with what ExcessiveExchangeRemover uses).

DRILL-2163: ensure vector container fully reconstructs a composite vector with its children

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DRILL-1197: C++ Client. Differentiate socket/handshake/query timeout for deadline timer.

It also

- returns more detailed connection status for validate handshake.

- adds timeout options for query submitter.