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[Finish Card #30 #23] responsive menu reworked

DRILL-2835: Fix issue in copying data when a PartitionSender outgoing batch is in dropAll mode

"dropAll" mode means

-- the fragment has exhausted all input data or

-- receiver of the outgoing batch has finished (possible in case of LIMIT)

DRILL-2083: Fix bug in merging receiver

wrong port number

MAX/MINDIR functions, minor edits

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DRILL-2408 (part 2): CTAS should not create empty folders when underlying query returns no results

- changed ParquetRecordWriter to avoid creating the parquet file until the first row of data is available

- Moved unit tests in a separate test class that starts 3 drillbits, to test the case where multiple fragments are attempting to write empty parquet files

- changed BaseQueryTest to update the storage plugin in all started bits and not just the first one

DRILL-2712: Testcases added

spike on getting a responsive menu to display nicely at various breakpoints

DRILL-2824: Add checks to ensure function resolution is deterministic Fix NOT function

[Fix Card #25] Mobile responsive menu now appears at 1024 max width as opposed to 768

[Finish Card #23 #36] twitter image is now transparent white png. Arranging padding so that the blue background is centered and twitter icon is centered. Removing black bar at bottom of menu by adjusting line-height to 50px, which moves menu items to the center point of the bar.

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[Fix Card #22] search box now submits to google. Using separate form to fill in the action and do the submitting, as doing it all from one form seems to lead to infinite loop as javascript calls submit, which submits, that calls submit, etc.

DRILL-2823: Use implicit casts for comparisons of expression in the join condition

DRILL-2855: Fix invalid result issues with StreamAggBatch

DRILL-2856: Fix StreamingAgg inifnite loop problem due to state management issue.

DRILL-2827: Allow implicit cast from string to boolean for 'true'/'false' literals.

DRILL-2999: Update max query per node for sort to any positive value.

DRILL-2901: Additional fragment state fixes due to cancellation during various fragment executor state initialization.

DRILL-2826: Simplify and centralize Operator Cleanup

- Remove cleanup method from RecordBatch interface

- Make OperatorContext creation and closing the management of FragmentContext

- Make OperatorContext an abstract class and the impl only available to FragmentContext

- Make RecordBatch closing the responsibility of the RootExec

- Make all closes be suppresing closes to maximize memory release in failure

- Add new CloseableRecordBatch interface used by RootExec

- Make RootExec AutoCloseable

- Update RecordBatchCreator to return CloseableRecordBatches so that RootExec can maintain list

- Generate list of operators through change in ImplCreator

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DRILL-2822: Changed timeout 90 s -> 120 s for two JDBC getColumns() tests.

- Drill2128GetColumnsDataTypeNotTypeCodeIntBugsTest

- DatabaseMetaGetColumnsDataTest.

1.0 updates

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DRILL-2825: Bump test memory to 3g due to sporadic OOM on TestLargeFileCompilation.


minor edits

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fix bullets

add note formatting

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case expr

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DRILL-3010: Convert bad command error messages into UserExceptions in SqlHandlers

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