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DRILL-1950: Update parquet metadata cache format to include both min/max and additional column type information.

Parquet meta cache format change:

1. include both min/max in ColumnMetaData if column statistics is available,

2. include precision/scale/repetitionLevel/definitionLevel in ColumnTypeMetaData (precision/scale/definitionLevel is for future use).

DRILL-4982: Separate Hive reader classes for different data formats to improve performance.

1, Separating Hive reader classes allows optimization to apply on different classes in optimized ways. This separation effectively avoid the performance degradation of scan.

2, Do not apply Skip footer/header mechanism on most Hive formats. This skip mechanism introduces extra checks on each incoming records.

close apache/drill#638

DRILL-4972: Remove setDaemon(true) call in WorkManager.StatusThread

closes #633

DRILL-4927 (part 2): Add support for Null Equality Joins (mixed comparators)

This changes are a subset of the original pull request from DRILL-4539 (PR-462).

- Added changes to support mixed comparators;

- Added tests for it.

closes #635

DRILL-5032: Drill query on hive parquet table failed with OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

close apache/drill#654

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
DRILL-4969: Basic implementation of display size for column metadata

Add a simple implementation of display size, based on the ODBC table

available at: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms713974(v=vs.85).aspx

closes #632

DRILL-4968: Add column size to ColumnMetadata

Add a column size to ColumnMetadata so that JDBC and ODBC clients share

the implementation and don't have to recompute it client side.

this closes #631

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DRILL-4980: Upgrading of the approach of parquet date correctness status detection - Parquet writer version is added; - Updated the detection method of parquet date correctness.

This closes #644

DRILL-4964: Make Drill reconnect to hive metastore after hive metastore is restarted.

Drill fails to connect to hive metastore after hive metastore is restarted unless drillbits are restarted.

Changes: For methods DrillHiveMetaStoreClient.getAllDatabases() and DrillHiveMetaStoreClient.getAllTables(),

the HiveMetaStoreClient wraps MetaException and TException both into MetaException. In case of connection

failure which is thrown as TException it is difficult to categorize at DrillClient level. The fix is to

close older connection and reconnect in case of these 2 api's. In all other cases proper set of exceptions

are thrown where we can handle each one individually.

close apache/drill#628

DRILL-4812: Fix FileSelection#handleWildCard to use normalized path separator

closes #627

DRILL-4974: Add missing null check in FindPartitionConditions.analyzeCall()

close apache/drill#634

DRILL-4831: Running refresh table metadata concurrently randomly fails with JsonParseException

This closes #653

DRILL-4954: Fix printing Strings when `allTextMode` is ON for MapR-DB JSON tables.

close apache/drill#624

DRILL-4560: When new bits register, invoke listeners in ZKClusterCoordinator

close apache/drill#626

Original JIRA title: “ZKClusterCoordinator does not call

DrillbitStatusListener.drillbitRegistered for new bits”

update drill hangout link

DRILL-4921: Added -P to "cd" in scripts to allow for symbolic links

close apache/drill#623

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DRILL-4369: Exchange name and version infos during handshake

There's no name and version exchanged between client and server over the User RPC


On client side, having access to the server name and version is useful to expose it

to the user (through JDBC or ODBC api like DatabaseMetadata#getDatabaseProductVersion()),

or to implement fallback strategy when some recent API are not available (like

metadata API).

On the server side, having access to the client version might be useful for audit

purposes and eventually to implement fallback strategy if it doesn't require a RPC

version change.

this closes #622

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DRILL-4950: Remove incorrect false condition; consume all empty batches

closes #621

DRILL-4951: Do Guava.patch earlier so we can run single Hbase's unit test through command line or IDE

closes #636

DRILL-4905: Push down the LIMIT to the parquet reader scan to limit the numbers of records read

close apache/drill#597

DRILL-4945: Report INTERVAL exact type as column type name

closes #618

update contribution guidelines with a link to design doc

DRILL-1996: Add cancel method to Drill C++ connector

This closes #602

DRILL-4674: Allow casting to boolean the same literals as in Postgres

closes #610

DRILL-4870 drill-config.sh sets JAVA_HOME incorrectly for the Mac

This closes #605

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DRILL-4935: Allow drillbits to advertise a configurable host address to Zookeeper

This closes #647

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DRILL-3243: Added CSG mods. Fixed field names. Removed old test files Added Parse_url and parse_query() functions Fix unit test

This closes #607

DRILL-4930: Fix Metadata results ordering

Change MetadataProvider to return metadata results ordered (following

convention used by ODBC and JDBC specs).

this closes #614

Change-Id: Iff59b7fada7040602f1735bccc13bc6bf5c9a252

Update bi-weekly drill hangout link and doc edit for Drill-4848

DRILL-4927: Add support for Null Equality Joins

These changes are a subset of the original pull request from DRILL-4539 (PR-462).

- Added changes to support Null Equality Joins;

- Created tests for it.

close apache/drill#603