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DRILL-5888: Remove dependency of SSLConfig on hadoop.security package. This allows jdbc-all-jar to be built without hadoop dependencies

This closes #1002

DRILL-5582: C++ Client: [Threat Modeling] Drillbit may be spoofed by an attacker and this may lead to data being written to the attacker's target instead of Drillbit

This closes #997

DRILL-5881:Java Client: [Threat Modeling] Drillbit may be spoofed by an attacker and this may lead to data being written to the attacker's target instead of Drillbit Also set connection to null after its closed

This closes #999

DRILL-5877: - Fix travis build. Add *.pem and *.p12 files to rat exclusions.

This closes #995

DRILL-5873: (C++ Client) Improve SASL error reporting.

This closes #992

DRILL-5790: Fixed problem with explicit opening a local file

closes #989

DRILL-5863: Sortable table incorrectly sorts fragments/time lexically

The DataTables jQuery library sorts data based on the value of the element in a column.

However, since Drill publishes sortable items like fragment IDs and time durations as non-numeric text, the sorting is incorrect.

This PR fixes the fragment and duration ordering based on their implicit numeric values (minor ID and millisecond representation, respectively).

Support memory chaining

closes #987

DRILL-5864: Selecting a non-existing field from a MapR-DB JSON table fails with NPE.

DRILL-5865: fix build

closes #986

DRILL-5431: Regenerate protobuf files

This closes #950

DRILL-5874: NPE in AnonWebUserConnection.cleanupSession()

closes #993

DRILL-5862 Update project parent pom xml to the latest ASF version

This closes #985

DRILL-5859: Fixed queued time calculation

closes #982

DRILL-5854: IllegalStateException when empty batch with valid schema is received

closes #981

DRILL-5851: Empty table during a join operation with a non empty table produces cast exception.

close apache/drill#1059

DRILL-5857: Fix NumberFormatException in Hive unit tests

closes #980

DRILL-5845: Columns returned by select with "ORDER BY" and "LIMIT" clauses are not in correct order.

This closes #1000

DRILL-5743: Handling column family and column scan for hbase

closes #975

DRILL-5853 : Update Calcite to get NULL direction for sort removal

closes #979

DRILL-5849: Add freemarker lib to dependencyManagement to ensure proper version is used when resolving dependency version conflicts

closes #977

DRILL-5842: Refactor fragment, operator contexts

This closes #978

  1. … 23 more files in changeset.
DRILL-5819: Default value of security.admin.user_groups and security.admin.users is true

closes #983

DRILL-5802: Provide a sortable table for tables within a query profile

Using the DataTables jQuery library, we can now sort tables (fragments and operators) to group like values or sort on a column.

In addition, additional tooltips have been provided for these columns

closes #969

DRILL-5832: Change OperatorFixture to use system option manager

- Rename FixtureBuilder to ClusterFixtureBuilder

- Provide alternative way to reset system/session options

- Fix for DRILL-5833: random failure in TestParquetWriter

- Provide strict, but clear, errors for missing options

closes #970

  1. … 37 more files in changeset.
DRILL-5259: Allow listing a user-defined number of profiles

Added an additional field in the UI allowing a user to specify the max number of profiles to load via Refresh

closes #963

DRILL-5775: Select * query on a maprdb binary table fails

- The common HBase/MapR-DB_binary verifyColumns() method;

- MapRDBBinaryTable is introduced for the purpose of expanding the wildcard on the planning stage;

- AbstractHBaseDrillTable class for MapRDBBinaryTable and DrillHBaseTable.

closes #973

DRILL-5839: Handle Empty Batches in Merge Receiver

closes #974

DRILL-6882: Handle the cases where RowKeyJoin's left pipeline being called multiple times.

close apache/drill#1562

DRILL-5564: Added finally block for stopWait() to avoid all situations where Drill able to miss stopWait() in case of exceptions (it can lead to assertions).

closes #967

DRILL-5824: Retain original memory limit for 1st phase HashAgg with 1 partition

closes #966