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DRILL-7002: whatever exec.hashjoin.num_partitions is set, output right results

close apache/drill#1622

doc updates

DRILL-6999: Fix the case that there's more than one join conditions

closes #1600

DRILL-7000: Queries failing with 'Failed to aggregate or route the RFW' do not complete

closes #1621

DRILL-6910: Allow applying DrillPushProjectIntoScanRule at physical phase

closes #1619

DRILL-6950: Row set-based scan framework

Adds the "plumbing" that connects the scan operator to the result set loader and the scan projection framework. See the various package-info.java files for the technical datails. Also adds a large number of tests.

This PR does not yet introduce an actual scan operator: that will follow in subsequent PRs.

closes #1618

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DRILL-6533: Allow using literal values in functions which expect FieldReader instead of ValueHolder

closes #1617

DRILL-6985: Fix sqlline.bat issues on Windows and add drill-embedded.bat

closes #1616

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doc edit

Update Javadocs.md

DRILL-6977: Improve Hive tests configuration

1. HiveTestBase data initialization moved to static block

to be initialized once for all derivatives.

2. Extracted Hive driver and storage plugin management from HiveTestDataGenerator

to HiveTestFixture class. This increased cohesion of generator and

added loose coupling between hive test configuration and data generation


3. Replaced usage of Guava ImmutableLists with TestBaseViewSupport

helper methods by using standard JDK collections.

closes #1613

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add date_diff function

DRILL-6979: Added autofocus attribute to username on login page, and to query textbox on Query tab

add doc for anyvalue function

DRILL-6971: Labelled Query State with color coding

closes #1611

DRILL-6970 Fix issue with logregex format plugin where drillbuf was overflowing

closes #1673

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DRILL-6997: Semijoin is changing the join ordering for some tpcds queries.

close apache/drill#1620

DRILL-6971: Display query state in query result page

DRILL-6967: Fix TIMESTAMPDIFF function for QUARTER qualifier

closes #1609



doc edits for 1.15

DRILL-6969: Fix inconsistency of reading MaprDB JSON tables using hive plugin when native reader is enabled

closes #1610

DRILL-6959: Fix loss of precision when casting time and timestamp literals in filter condition closes #1607

Changes following second code review

DRILL-6954: Move commons libs used in UDFs module to the dependency management closes #1604

DRILL-6928: Update description for exec.query.return_result_set_for_ddl option to reflect it affects JDBC connections only closes #1601

Changes following code review comments for DRILL-6880