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DRILL-7373: Fix problems involving reading from DICT type

- Fixed FieldIdUtil to resolve reading from DICT for some complex cases;

- optimized reading from DICT given a key by passing an appropriate Object type to DictReader#find(...) and DictReader#read(...) methods when schema is known (e.g. when reading from Hive tables) instead of generating it on fly based on int or String path and key type;

- fixed error when accessing value by not existing key value in Avro table.

DRILL-7376: Drill ignores Hive schema for MaprDB tables when group scan has star column

DRILL-7368: Fix Iceberg Metastore failure when filter column contains nulls

DRILL-7369: Schema for MaprDB tables is not used for the case when several fields are queried

closes #1852

DRILL-7252: Read Hive map using Dict<K,V> vector

DRILL-7343: Add User-Agent UDFs to Drill

closes #1840

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DRILL-7367: Remove Server details from response headers

closes #1851

DRILL-7168: Implement ALTER SCHEMA ADD / REMOVE commands

DRILL-7362: COUNT(*) on JSON with outer list results in JsonParse error

closes #1849

DRILL-7360: Refactor WatchService in Drillbit class and fix concurrency issues

DRILL-7222: Visualize estimated and actual row counts for a query

With statistics in place, it is useful to have the estimated rowcount along side the actual rowcount query profile's operator overview. A toggle button allows this with the estimated rows hidden by default

We can extract this from the Physical Plan section of the profile.

Added a toggle-ready table-column header

closes #1779

DRILL-7356: Introduce session options for the Drill Metastore

closes #1846

DRILL-7353: Wrong driver class is written to the java.sql.Driver

closes #1845

DRILL-7326: Support repeated lists for CTAS parquet format

closes #1844

DRILL-7350: Move RowSet related classes from test folder

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DRILL-7339: Iceberg commit upgrade and Metastore tests categorization

1. Upgraded Iceberg commit to fix issue with deletes in transaction

2. Categorize Metastore tests

closes #1842

DRILL-7338: REST API calls to Drill fail due to insufficient heap memory

This PR allows for the 85% threshold to be customizable with a value of 0 meant for disabling.

closes #1837

DRILL-7341: Vector reAlloc may fail after exchange

closes #1838

DRILL-4517: Support reading empty Parquet files

1. Modified flat and complex parquet readers to output schema only when requested number of records to read is 0. In this case readers are not initialized to improve performance.

2. Allowed reading requested number of rows instead of all rows in the row group (DRILL-6528).

3. Fixed issue with nulls number determination in the row group (fixed IsPredicate#isAllNulls method).

4. Allowed reading empty parquet files via adding empty / fake row group.

5. General refactoring and unit tests.

6. Parquet tests categorization.

closes #1839

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DRILL-7337: Add vararg UDFs support

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DRILL-7335: Fix error when reading csv file with headers only

closes #1834

DRILL-7334: Update Iceberg Metastore Parquet write mode

closes #1832

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DRILL-7332: Allow parsing empty schema

closes #1828

DRILL-7331: Drill Iceberg Metastore metadata expiration

closes #1831

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DRILL-7327: Log Regex Plugin Won't Recognize Schema

The previous commit revised the plugin config classes to work

with table functions. That caused Jackson to stop working for

the classess. Fixed those issues and added unit tests.

closes #1827

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DRILL-6961: Handle exceptions during queries to information_schema

closes #1833

DRILL-7084: ResultSet getObject method throws not implemented exception if the column type is NULL

closes #1825

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DRILL-7205: Drill fails to start when authentication is disabled

closes #1824

DRILL-7314: Use TupleMetadata instead of concrete implementation

1. Add ser / de implementation for TupleMetadata interface based on types.

2. Replace TupleSchema usage where possible.

3. Move patcher classes into commons.

4. Upgrade some dependencies and general refactoring.

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DRILL-7317: Close ClassLoaders used for udf jars uploading when closing FunctionImplementationRegistry

- Fix issue with caching DrillMergeProjectRule and FunctionImplementationRegistry when different drillbits are started within the same JVM