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Update to CXF 3.3.6

fediz-core: avoid null asignment in FederationProcessorImpl

fediz-core: minor change in FederationProtocol

fediz-core: use Objects for equals in Protocol

fediz-core: cleanup deprecated code in SAMLTokenValidator

Updating WSS4J to 2.2.5

Update to maven-checkstyle-plugin 3.1.1

Update to htmlunit 2.38.0

fediz-oidc: include key id

fediz-core: update Import-Package

fediz-core: update FederationProcessorImpl

Updating Apache DS

log under 'org.apache.cxf.fediz.tomcat' package

fediz-tomcat: enable logging by default

fediz-core: update ConfigUtils

Updating Spring Security

Updating Jetty

fediz-oidc: put back StringEscapeUtils protecton

fediz-systests-oidc: select realm using "login_hint"

fediz-oidc: fix exp claim when timeToLive specified

fediz-oidc: fix exp claim when timeToLive specified

fediz-idp: exclude validation-api v1

fediz-oidc: minor ClientRegistrationService improvements

fediz-systests-oidc: testOIDCLoginForPublicClientWithRefreshTokenScope

fediz-systests-oidc: enable logout address validation

fediz-systests-oidc: sync idp configuration

fediz-systests-oidc: test public client

fediz-systests-oidc: validate jwt using jwks

fediz-systests-oidc: testLogoutWrongPostLogoutRedirectUri

Merge pull request #47 from jim-wei/1.4.x-fixes

fix ClassNotFoundException org.hsql.jdbcDriver