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Update htmlunit

Updating SLF4J

Replacing some deprecated STS calls in CXF

Update CXF to 3.3.3; update maven-jar-plugin

Updating Spring

Updating Jackson databind

Fixing kerberos systests

Updating Tomcat

Updating to WSS4J 2.2.4

Build with Java 11

Tomcat update

Update Tomcat

Update commons-text, hsqldb, maven-compiler-plugin

Removing hard-coded password

Removing hard-coded password

Update bval and javax.validation

examples: fix PMD failures

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Update maven-checkstyle-plugin and maven-pmd-plugin

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Update Spring & Spring Security, maven-war-plugin

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fediz-oidc: remove unused persistence configuration

Switch to StringEscapeUtils from commons-text

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Update Spring Web Flow

Adding swagger test

Adding swagger test

Updating JAckson

Switch to using https in the poms

Switch to using https in the poms

cleanup (#42)

fediz-systests-federation-wsfed: refactoring

fediz-systests-oidc: refactoring (#44)

* fediz-systests-oidc: refactoring

* remove fail for some tests

* clientAuth for IDP