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Porting Token Revocation changes to Fediz

Porting Token Revocation changes to Fediz

Fixing build with JDK7

Updating BouncyCastle, Jetty, Tomcat

Picking up some changes from the recent CXF releases

Updating CXF

Disable external DTDs in a few places

Update Tomcat

Update Jetty

Update maven-compiler-plugin

Fixing OIDC system tests

Fixing OIDC system tests

upgrade Jetty to 9.4.21.v20190926

disable snapshots from wasdev; update builds url

Upgrading Jackson

Switch to using 32 bytes for CSRF

fediz-oidc: sync resources with systests; register redirect servlets

Update error-prone

fix deprecation warnings after Jetty update

Update Jetty

Update Commons DBCP; cleanup

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Systests for Jetty 9: switch to Tomcat 9

Update Tomcat & Servlet API to 3.1.0

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Update OpenJPA

Update htmlunit

Updating SLF4J

Replacing some deprecated STS calls in CXF

Update CXF to 3.3.3; update maven-jar-plugin

Updating Spring

Updating Jackson databind