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Use github md syntax

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Updating release notes and NOTICE

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Remove source distro as it is provided by apache-release profile

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Update build dependencies

Fix duplicates

[DOSGI-267] Treat all intents annotated with @Provider as providers

[DOSGI-254] Fix handling of inherited exceptions

[DOSGI-254] Refactor to extract exception mapping

[DOSGI-254] Make proxyfactory generic. Small fix in test

[DOSGI-254] Unit test to show the issue

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cxf-dosgi-2.2.0

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Update javadoc for java 8

Update apache parent, remove duplicates

Fix docs

[DOSGI-270] Add swagger documentation example

Update Felix version

Fix checkstyle issues

Fix checkstyle issues

[DOSGI-269] Update to Aries RSA 1.11.0

[DOSGI-268] Update to CXF 3.1.12

Fix description

Fix typo

Fix provider-rs readme

Fix provider-ws readme

Fix readme links

[DOSGI-266] Support for ContextProvider

Fix ssl example

Add swagger config to rest example

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[DOSGI-262] Allow to also publish external intents using IntentsProvider interface