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[DOSGI-249] Redesign examples

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[DOSGI-241] Simplify examples

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Little refactorings in greeter samples

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Standardize whitespace style

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Cleanup the greeter sample

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DOSGI-146 factoring intent handling out into IntentManager

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Enhanced the Greeter Demo to include an API that takes a data object. The new GreeterService API is as follows: public interface GreeterService { Map<GreetingPhrase, String> greetMe(String name); GreetingPhrase [] greetMe(GreeterData name) throws GreeterException; }

where the GreeterData interface is defined as follows:

public interface GreeterData {

String getName();

int getAge();

boolean isException();


This in response to some questions on the CXF users list around passing data objects.

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Added support for the new Remote Services properties as they are currently in the draft Remote Services spec. The following changes have been made: (old) -> (new) osgi.remote.interfaces -> service.exported.interfaces osgi.remote.configuration.type=pojo -> osgi.remote.configuration.pojo.address -> osgi.remote.configuration.pojo.httpservice.context -> osgi.remote.requires.intents -> service.exported.intents and service.exported.intents.extra osgi.deployment.intents -> service.intents osgi.remote -> service.imported

Services exposed using the old properties still work for backward compatibility...

Updated the Greeter Demo to use the new properties.

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Moving the Distributed OSGi DSW Reference Implementation out of the sandbox, into its own subproject. [6/8]

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