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[DOSGI-249] Redesign examples

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[DOSGI-241] Simplify examples

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Standardize whitespace style

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cleanup ds sample

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Fix for bug 2173 (CXF-DOSGi issues when used with Declarative Services). * Implemented FindHook to support bundles consuming services via BundleContext.getServiceReference() * Moved to Felix 1.8.0. Felix 1.4.1 doesn't have FindHook support yet and Felix 1.6.x doesn't seem to work with the Spring-DM system testing framework. In Felix 1.8.0 all seems to be well. * Fixed Thread Context Loader issues in the ServiceInvocationHandler. * Added new DOSGi/Declarative Services demo. New unit tests.

Demo tested with the DS implementation of Equinox 3.5M6

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