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Made the ZooKeeper Server Running Bundle reconfigurable.

The ZooKeeper server is configured through the OSGi Configuration Admin service.

PID = org.apache.cxf.dosgi.discovery.zookeeper.server

Required configuration setting:


(an example value would be clientPort=2181)

All other configuration settings (such as tickTime, initLimit, syncLimit & dataDir) are defaulted. The configuration properties supported are exactly the same as the ones supported by ZooKeeper in the config/zoo.cfg file.

Reconfiguration support:

* The ZooKeeper server is started when a configuration object with the relevant PID appears.

* Removing the configuration object with the relevant PID will stop the server.

* Changing the configuration information will cause the ZooKeeper server to be restarted within the OSGi Framework with the changed configuration.

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Controller bundles that can start the Zookeeper Server as an OSGi bundle.

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