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[DOSGI-235] Switch to Aries RSA 1.8.0

Adapting to changes in Aries RSA

Fix pids of zookeeper modules

[DOSGI-232] Remove code that moved to Aries-rsa and refer to it instead

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Add test for DistributionProviderTracker

[DOSGI-231] Create ExportPolicy SPI

[DOSGI-229] Improve test coverage

Further refactoring TopologyManager

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Fix warnings

Skip repo

[DOSGI-229] Simplify TopologyManager

[DOSGI-229] Optimize packaging

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[DOSGI-229] Easier to use interface

[DOSGI-230] Make threads configurable, add logging

[DOSGI-230] Fixes in tcp provider

[DOSGI-230] Add tcp provider

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[DOSGI-229] Move some property handling to RSA

[DOSGI-229] Fixes

[DOSGI-229] Use separate bundles for API and RSA impl. Remove dynamic import

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Allow multiple interfaces

Remove unnecessary elements

[DOSGI-229] Allow to use more than one interface for import

[DOSGI-229] Remove wrongly added method from API again

[DOSGI-229] Make CXF handlers only depend on API

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[DOSGI-229] Refactor api and fix some issues

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Ignoring unresolveable bundle in distro

Updating XML Security version

[DOSGI-229] Fix checkstyle warnings

[DOSGI-229] Refactor to make Remote Service Admin core independent of CXF

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[DOSGI-228] Upgrade to CXF 3.1.5