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KEYS have moved; -N is deprecated
Update to latest junit release
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag commons-jcs-2.0-beta-1
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release commons-jcs-2.0-beta-1
vote cancelled
ensuring we have license/notice files in jar
[FILEUPLOAD-252] Update implemented fix after review from sebb.
IO-462 IOExceptionWithCause no longer needed

Simplify code

IO-462 IOExceptionWithCause no longer needed
LANG-1072 Duplicated "0x" check in createBigInteger in NumberUtils
[FILEUPLOAD-242] Do not silently swallow all Throwables.

Instead swallow only Exceptions

Depending on unkown conditions, overriden varargs method may return false to isVarArgs;

Fix by checking method in declaring class hierarchy (MethodKey.isVarArgs).

[EMAIL-146] Added getter for bounce address. Thanks to Alexander Lehmann.
Spurious spaces
IO-462 IOExceptionWithCause no longer needed
IO-462 IOExceptionWithCause no longer needed
Fix unavoidable deprecations
+= generated serialVersionUID
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add default svnuids
Close resources
NET-544 FTPClient.initiateListParsing does not correctly check if parserKey was cached
Add example config item
[VFS-487] DefaultFileMonitor detect re-creation events
[VFS-523] HdfsFileObject uses super equals/hashcode like all FOs
Add commons-text website to the list of sandbox components
NET-554 Simplify TelnetOptionHandler class hierarchy
NET-558 - getModificationTime(<filename>) returns complete received line including response code
Trailing spaces