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Apache Commons BCEL 6.4.1.
Apache Commons BCEL 6.4.0.
Apache Commons Configuration 2.6.
old.nabble and news.gmane are no more
Apache Commons Text 1.8.
fix hostname of Commons' git repo
Compress 1.19
Fix message
Error Handling
Show outline of pom compared with targe
Add depth --one option
Apache Commons VFS 2.4.1.
Prune more
pom skeleton extractor and examples
(fix) beanutils release date 8/23 -> 8/13, typo
(update) beanutils 1.9.3 -> 1.9.4
(add) version 1.9.4
Apache Commons DBCP 2.7.0.
Apache Commons Pool 2.7.0.
Apache Commons Codec 1.13.
Update SCM info with Git.
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Remove old link to svn which is now inappropriate since the migration of proper components to git.
Apache Commons VFS 2.4.
Apache Commons Collections 4.4.
Apache Commons Text 1.7.
Apache Commons CSV 1.7.
JCS was moved to Git
Revert to r1852304 which corresponds to git ad897014842fc830483f32fdfb903f3bb8f70289
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