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Click retierd
Project now in the Attic
Frames... need to have a target of _top when linking out of the site
Adding a retired banner to the top of the Click site via a new div and an increase in size of the top frame
improve the readme
MockFileItem commons-fileupload-1.3 required updates.
update dependencies: commons-io-2.2, commons-fileupload-1.3, commons-codec-1.6 and mvel-2.1.7.Final
add a missing MockContexts from some of the unit tests.
update to junit-4.11 dependency.
remove nightly builds link from the Downloads page: #CLK-787
improve readability a little.
use javadoc convention for the Velocity macro comments too, so that IDEs can show this the same way do for javadoc
fix typo in method ActionResult name.
Create an entry on FAQ about reflection exceptions: #CLK-792
fix javadoc warnings
fix copyright year
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fix image link to the Click Book too.
update to log4j-1.2.17 dependency.
update version number for the next stable release to 2.4.0
Move javascript functions under the Click namespace: issue #CLK-702
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Radio control renders the Help text too now: issue #CLK-394
Fix default TextField Handling: issue #CLK-601
Refactor Prototype.js based controls (DateField, CheckList, and ColorPicker) to their own package and JAR file: issue #CLK-529
  1. /branches/click-3.0.0/click/prototypejs/src
  2. /branches/click-3.0.0/click/documentation/docs
  3. … 142 more files in changeset.
bump version number to 3.0.0-M1
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Created branch click-3.0.0.
link to the JIRA Road Map.
few small fixes in the public site.
typos and semicolons.
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mindmap with possible Maven reorg
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