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CAMEL-14538: camel-core - Do not load type converters via package scanning by default

Camel-Saxon: Fixed CS

Camel-xml-jaxp: Fixed CS

Camel-Xpath: Fixed CS

Camel-Bean: Fixed CS

Camel-core-engine: Fixed CS

Camel-Base: Fixed CS

Upgrade Flink to version 1.10.0

Upgrade AWS SDK v2 to version 2.10.62

camel-core optimize. Do not init stream caching strategy early as its only in use if explicit enabled.

Revert "camel-core optimize - No need to use copy on array list here"

This reverts commit f6f7119f4e959af4b83c7c0cd8f549316bd7d18f.

CAMEL-14482: Fix broken Javadocs on Camel Components (#3572)

* Fix broken javadoc links

* Add generated content from post build result

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Merge branch 'CAMEL-14445'

Fix rest tests

Merge pull request #3571 from valdar/CAMEL-14535

Camel 14535

Added Build badge in

Fix blueprint using the removed "other attributes" support

chore: fixed sourcechk violations.

Added CAMEL-14535: Sourcecheck on each PR

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[CAMEL-14445] Remove the property placeholder resolution inside definitions

Remove reflection calls used for merging rest configurations

Initialize component to leverage the endpoint configurer

Fixed test

Configure specific options sooner rather than later

Merge pull request #3569 from valdar/CAMEL-14534

Fix CAMEL-14534: Wrong message in some cases in org.apache.camel.Prop…

Update groovy to v3.0.0

Remove placeholder configurers completely

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Fix CAMEL-14534: Wrong message in some cases in org.apache.camel.PropertyBindingException.