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CAMEL-14354: Optimize core. Revert optimiztion in pipeline as it caused a problem with Netty.


Merge pull request #3504 from alexeyshockov/patch-1

Docs: proper group for camel-sql-starter

Proper group for camel-sql-starter


CAMEL-11947: Allow to configure client connection timeout

[CAMEL-11947] Possible race condition in iec60870 producer (#3503)

Added todo

Upgrade HttpComponents Client to version 4.5.11

Upgrade HttpComponents Core to version 4.4.13

Upgrade Spring Boot to version 2.2.4.RELEASE

[CAMEL-14411] delegate conversion during dataformat reification to the camel context converter

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CAMEL-14419: Enrich EIP - Should wrap in UoW. Revert as it was no longer needed was another issue and this can be slightly faster without the uow processor wrapping to call an endpoint.


CAMEL-14354: Optimize core

camel-grape: Convert GrapeComponentTest from Groovy to Java

Disable it because it does not pass. I guess it has to be updated for Camel 3.

Upgrade jSMPP to version 2.3.8

CAMEL-14354: Optimize core

CAMEL-14419: Enrich EIP - Should wrap in UoW

CAMEL-14419: Enrich EIP - Should wrap in UoW

[CAMEL-14437] Refactor a bit PackageHelper.findJsonFiles

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# tooling/maven/camel-eip-documentation-enricher-maven-plugin/src/main/java/org/apache/camel/maven/


CAMEL-14418: camel-timer - Add option to turn on/off metadata


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Removed @author

Fixed Elytron Endpoint description


Upgrade Spring to version 5.2.3.RELEASE

Upgrade Spring-boot to version 2.2.3.RELEASE